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I really love nature, outdoor activities, history of ancient Kazakhstan. 

I trained and certified by Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism. We pay significant attention to safety in our jeep tours. I have completed trainings with FirstAid KZ organization. 

My friends and me work like one team. Our off-road vehicles are inspected prior to every our trip. We have vehicles in perfect technical conditions equipped with radio communications and air conditioners.

I am a new member to the Indy Guide network. I have been engaged in tourism for the last two years, we acquainted more than 500 foreign visitors in 2017 with the beauty of Almaty region and southern regions of Kyrgyzstan.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Tourism, fishing, history. A good driver of SUVs, small boats.

Country: Kazakhstan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 3

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13 received reviews (100% positive, 13/13)


Grigoriy was a very good guide and driver with good knowledge of the area. He was informative and attentive. He had a good rapport with our hosts, making the whole trip very enjoyable.

Amelia Pei Yee

It was perfect ! He was a great guide as I’ve learned a lot from him while exploring the canyon and I felt very comfortable throughout the whole journey .

Missing Dani

I went on a tour to Charryn canyon and absolutely loved it!! We went to numerous different places, many of which off the beaten path places that I don't think other tours went to. Azamat was incredible organized and informative, and made it a really memorable day. I would highly recommend going on a tour with them if you are in Almaty!

Missing Sarah

First of all and most importantly, we loved the tour! We would highly recommend Azamat to everyone! Here are some more detailed thoughts about the trip...


Apart from getting the air-conditioning working in Vadim’s car I can’t think of much else that could be improved here. Pavel was especially amazing: informative but not too much talking. He was also really good with his English. Very calm and friendly. They were all very professional and sympathetic to our requests.

The driving was very good and very steady and not crazy! We felt very safe in their hands. The ride was also very comfortable. We also liked the stop at the town half way to buy souvenirs and fruit too.

Sharyn Canyon

The canyon section was great although we had to skip one bit as the children were tired and it was getting late (our fault for requesting a later departure). Actually, on that, I would say that it might be better to buy water etc before picking up guests in the morning as it would save time but it was very kind of our guides to buy the children sweets at this stop. Also they didn’t seem sure if lunch was included on this section so we nearly bought a packed lunch at the supermarket. Maybe make this a bit clearer to the guides. Food at the canyon was very nice although we found it very surprising that there was a mini village down there. We hope it doesn’t get any bigger!

One last small thing, perhaps a briefing at the beginning of each day highlighting where we are headed that day, vague timings and any other information we should know (e.g., that there will be 4 stops on the way or that we will have lunch at a certain place for a certain amount of time).

Kolsai Lakes

This was also an amazing day. Maybe just watch the pace and wait a little bit more for people although we know time was of the essence.

I think you could maybe also warn people a little bit better about the steepness of the hills on the Kolsai 1-2 walk and perhaps offer the rental of walking poles such as Vadim had as these would be useful for some! I had one but I know others in the group would have rented some from you had they been available.

The host family in Saty was brilliant and the food was lovely and all home-made although far too much salt in some of it (we’re not used to it!). And maybe more fruit if available for breakfast especially (Pavel did buy some at the village on the way but maybe a few bananas would be good too).

The beds were very hard but we understand that there’s not the money to buy new things and actually we slept very well here despite this. The shower and toilet facilities were very good and everything was very clean.

The camp fire was great (a nice surprise) and Pavel stayed up with us to make sure it was safe etc. Also cooked us some potatoes on it. Fab! (Although the children wanted marshmallows!).

Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to all the guides. We had an amazing adventure in your beautiful country and it’s one we won’t forget in a hurry.

Kind regards.

Missing Rolf

We did a 3 day tour to Charyn Canyon, Kolsay Lake 1 and Kaindy Lake. The communication with Azamat was fast and he did a great job with our custom tour.

The guide we had was called Ramir and he was the best guide you could ask for. He was kind, patient with us taking pictures, fluent in English and knew a lot about the history of the locations. If you do a tour we REALLY recommend Ramir.

Missing Patrick

It was a pleasure to enjoy the Charyn Canyon jeep tour with our guide Azamat.

The whole organisation worked perfectly fine and the tour itself was amazing. In addition to extraordinary views over the different canyons we got a lot of interesting information about the history and culture of Kazakhstan. The ride through the steppes from spot to spot with loud music was kind of an adventure. We also had the chance to become the first tourists at a new spot. Azamat confirmed to name the new spot "The Austrian Spot". We would appreciate that ;-).

Last but not least, the Charyn Canyon Tour was one of our best experiences of all our travels, and weˋve been to a lot of countries in the meanwhile.

We definitely will recommend this tour to our friends and relatives who want to visit Kazakhstan.

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience

The Austrians Patrick and Bernhard

Missing Kristoffer

My friend and I booked a one-week trip to Kazakhstan in October 2018, which included a five-day adventure-trip with Azamat ‘out and about’ the Almaty region – and we were not disappointed!

This is such a beautiful country, with heart-warmingly friendly and hospitable people. We had an excellent trip into the national parks, mountains, steps and forests – an experience of a lifetime.

What helped make this experience so enjoyable for us, was the professionalism of Azamat and our organizer, Azamat. Everything was planned and thought through. They did all they could to secure we had a good trip, and got the most out of our time in the country.

I cannot emphasize enough how qualified, fun and flexible our driver and guide Vlad, was throughout the trip. My friend and I are both 35+, and this was a good match with Vlad whose excellent sense of humour helped create the perfect road-trip for us throughout Kazakhstan – always keeping us active to making sure we got the most out of our days, while always willing to accommodate our wishes for stops along the way. Thank you, Vlad.

I fully recommend Azamat, and would book again with Azamat and Vlad.

Many thanks!


Copenhagen, Denmark

Missing Seraphina

Azamat is amazing! We had an incredible tour to Charyn Canyon, Kolsai, Altyn-Emel and more. We could not have wished for a better experience or a better guide. Azamat was extremely knowledgable and thoughtful and tailored our trip to suit us. Each day was jam packed with extraordinary experiences and Azamat was flexible throughout, making changes to the itinerary to ensure we saw things in the best light, or when it was too hot. He also consulted with us, and I can't wait to on our next tour with him. Five stars!


We had a wonderful tour with azamat. Everything was very well organized, Azamat was on time and provided good information about the tour and sights. He knows a lot about his country and answered all our questions in detail. Azamat speaks very good english and he even helped us to find and contact other guides in kazakhstan. His car is in good condition and he is a safe driver. Our accomodation in the altyn-emel national park was comfortable and provided tasty meals. The national park itself was very impressing too, it‘s absolutely worth the trip!

20180410 115626

I stayed in Almaty for 5 days to visit a friend and visited Charyn canyons with Azamat on 7th April, 2018. It was a one-day trip of approximately 12 hours.

Azamat’s suggestion was to start the day quite early (from 7am-ish) to avoid the busy time in the canyons and visit as many viewing/interesting spots as possible. It was a great suggestion given we could visit not only the most popular places in the canyons but also some more minor places which many tourists do not visit but are very beautiful. His knowledge about the history of Kazahstan, the animals/plants in the canyons and the lives of people who live along the roadway to the canyons made my understanding of the country and canyons deeper. As he is very passionate about sustaining the beautiful nature of Kazahstan, his knowledge about the canyons is very broad and deep. His English was very good, he replied to my questions very quickly the day before the trip to the canyons and he is a very safe driver.

Charyn canyons were a very interesting place to visit. Astonishing scenery made by nature over millions of years, you can relax in the nature and you can see interesting old plants and birds. I could also see some people who are still living in a nomad style.

INDY GUIDE was a good platform where you can easily find tours with very transparent payment systems including a clear fee quote, which was very helpful especially in Amalty where there are not that many tourism companies on streets.

Overall, I highly recommend visiting this place and Azamat was a top-notch tour guide for that.

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