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Rental 4x4 Lada Nivas

Lada Niva is the legend car of Soviet Union, an off-road vehicle designed and produced by the Russian (former Soviet) manufacturer AvtoVAZ.

Lada Nivas held the world record for altitude climbed by a vehicle. On the 16th of September 1999 at 2:30 in the afternoon, the Extreme Expedition team of St. Petersburg got a world record by taking 3 Nivas to an altitude of 5,726 meters, on the Tibetan Plato in Himalayas.
This record stood until 2005 when specially prepared Volkswagen Touaregs reached an altitude of 6,080 meters in Chile.


My skills, interests, and hobbies: IT, Automobile, Hiking and Travelling.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Services in: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 2

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Great cars, we had so much fun with a Niva, they will help you in everything! Must do activity!

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Azamat was really helpful and friendly. We contacted him at the last minute and yet he was able to get a Niva for us for 5 days. It was an amazing experience to explore around lake Issyk Kul and we had no issues. We explored on main roads as well as on dirt roads. The 4x4 Niva are just what you need for this.

Raphael about listing 4x4 lada in Bishkek 1 month ago.

Azamat and his partners were very friendly and supportive during the whole process. The car was in an appropriate shape to travel around Issyk Kul and off-road.

Philipp about listing Lada 3 days from 23.04. 2 months ago.

Great comms, kept in touch often throughout the rental and was very accommodating as far as pick up and drop off. Nivas are quirky and this one was no exception, but that made the whole experience a whole more interesting. I couldn't have seen many of the places I saw in Kyrgyzstan if I had been driving anything less rugged. Thanks Azamat!

Ezequiel about listing Niva rental 2 months ago.

Azamat and his partner did an amazing job! Thank you guys for everything! The car is quite nice and we were happy to have it!

Regarding communication they both are great! Fast answers and willingness to support wherever they can!

A big thank you!

Nils about listing Rental Lada Niva 4x4 in Kyrgyzstan 10 months ago.
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We've rented the lada niva for 2 weeks and it was a very good car. Azamat and his colleagues were very friendly, professional and helpful. I would recommend to rent a lada from him for anyone willing to go off the beaten track in Kirghizstan !

david about listing Self Driving Lada Niva 4x4 in Kyrgyzstan 10 months ago.

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