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Hello dear travelers, I'm an experienced guide and driver.

I can organize tours both in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Using many years of experience i can help with other things such as trekking, yak riding as well just let me know. Due to the fact that i was born and grew up in the Pamirs, i dare to say that i know everything or almost everything  about the Pamirs and the Pamir highway. 

I  traveled far and wide across the Pamirs, the most distant places. Your trip to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan is all about enjoying your time and being carefree with me and my team. We do our best for a safe, comfortable and unforgettable trip, best regards Alex

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Im professional driver. I like my job and i like hunting and fishing , travelling for me work and rest.

Country: Tajikistan

Services in: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 10

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5 received reviews (100% positive, 5/5)


We (3 people) engaged Alex’s services from 14-20 Aug 2019 from Osh to Dushanbe via Pamir Highway. All we can say is, Alex is perfect, perfect, and most perfect. Alex was very punctual, very polite, and so funny! He took a lot of effort to know our preferences in food & accommodation and he only gave us nothing but the BEST!

Food was so delicious and Alex volunteered to include a free fish meal for us at Bulunkul which was super good! Alex arranged a couple of fabulous hikes for us for free and also a visit to the Saturday Afgan market which we enjoyed all!

No matter how many times we told Alex we wanted to stop for photos, Alex always happily stopped, and also recommended us nice places for great photos. He is so patient and professional, we feel like we left Alex as friends! He is a very experienced & safe driver and you will be very comfortable in his clean Toyota Landcruiser, which even has cushions. His prices are also so reasonable we recommended him to our Guesthouse in Osh.

We are very impressed with Alex’s high standards of service and he made these 7 days a highlight of our 3-week trip in Central Asia. Highly recommended to engage Alex as your driver-guide, and you will never regret your choice! :)

Amanda about listing Pamir -Osh to Dushanbe for 3 pax 22 hours ago.
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I strongly recommend Alex. He is a very good driver and an excellent driver. He is kind always careful to what you need and happy to give you an help when needed. He speaks a very good English and he wants to improve his knowledge because he is very curious and that makes him a perfect mate when adventure is calling.

Pamir and GBAO in general is a wonderful region. You will see. The only problem you have to deal with are the roads, which are not often in perfect condition (so to say). Alex’s car is perfect for those kinds of road, because it is big and strong. It is comfortable and you won’t miss the opportunity to travel in total security.

My experience in Pamir was simply amazing and a review will always be reductive.

Thanks Alex!

Choose him and go explore Tajikistan and his hidden beauties !

Vito about listing Pamir Tour 18 days ago.

We had an unforgettable trip with Alex from Dushanbe to Osh in 10 days (July 2019). Besides the nature, diverse of cultures, people, languages… Alex was one of the main factors which made this trip a life-long experience.

He is an excellent driver, experienced with the roads and all the region. His car is perfect for this road, comfortable and in good conditions. He is reliable; gives you the feeling you can trust him at all. The home stays he chose for us were the bests, comfortable, beautiful views, delicious food, hospitable, friendly... So, don’t worry, you will enjoy the trip with the feeling to be in the right hands from the very first moment to the last kilometer.

He speaks excellent English (and native Russian) with a great sense of humor. With his great knowledge about the Pamir District he will answer all of your questions and enrich you with many stories which will make the trip even more magical.

By the end of the trip we were like 4 friends travelling together. We spent extra 2 days in Osh after the trip and Alex companied us the whole time…

Some important tips: We met some of Alex’s friends during the trip, wonderful people. They let us enjoy the region with priceless memories. I highly recommend you the trek in Khorog with Nazar (60 years old shepherd; he is a wonderful person with funny stories and his wife will cook for you delicious food ) and the fishing day in Bulunkul with Hasan. You will enjoy it… Go to Karakul, meet my little friends Ibrahim and Abdulvassi, look into their eyes. I promise you, this moment will be the peak of this trip and you won’t forget it till your last minute. And please hug them for me…

Thanks to Alex, he let us the beautiful feelings of these priceless memories.


I spent one week with Alex, travelling the Pamir Highway from Osh to Dushanbe. He was a pleasure to travel with, full of answers to all of my questions, and also with many questions of his own, wanting to understand better who I was and where I came from. As he cheerfully told me numerous times, "You are the boss!", and so it was - no matter how many times I requested that Alex stop the car so that I could get out and truly immerse myself in the landscapes / locations that we were driving through, he happily did so. The trip itself was pure magic in terms of geography, scenery, and sites, with the homestays being a particularly rich experience, giving one a brief but powerful immersion into day-to-day lives in the communities that we were passing through. The sleeping arrangements (usually shared) were perfectly good throughout, as was the food. All in all, this was a fantastic trip, and I was very happy to have done it with Alex, who was a great host for his country, an endless source of knowledge and information, and a really nice person to spend a week with. I recommend both this trip and Alex highly!

Gary about listing Alex shows Gary the Pamir Highway! 26 days ago.

Every time we asked for some thing during the trip, his one statement was " Your wishes, my command".

He is an amazing person and also a good guide. He answered to all the possible questions we asked him without geting irritated or angry. He took all the detours wherever we asked him to take, he himself used to stop at beautiful points where he felt that we could walk a bit to take great pictures and also stopped how many ever times we asked him to stop.

Not knowing Russian, he was a great translator and because of that we could interact a lot with local people.

The car was very comfortable and did not break down even once. The interior was good, has charging facility, usb and aux for music, flor mats and overall it was 99 out of 100.

The remaining 1% is i insist you to try travelling with him and judge...

Jai about listing Dushanbe to OSH 13th may to 19th May 3 months ago.
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