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My name is Bakhitgul but you can call me Baha. I am an experienced guide from Western Mongolia.

I have been a tour guide for the past five years for a company in Bayan Ulgii and would now like to gain some independence and do it on my own. I have two young boys who are wonderful.

I live in Sagsai, a small village outside of Ulgii, and have lived in Bayan Ulgii all of my life.

I love sharing my Kazakh culture to travelers and look forward to sharing it with you. I am very flexible with tours and family stays so please let me know what you would like and we can make it happen.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am an English teacher always working on projects and preparing students for the TOEFL or IELTS. I like hiking, traveling and horseback riding and of course meeting new people.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Individual/Freelancer

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I used Baha as a guide for a 6 day trip with my son to the Altai in October 2019. It was a terrific experience. We felt we had a truly authentic "nomad" experience . her support staff ( and truck) were great She speaks very good English which is so important in this part of the country because no one else does. Couldnt rate her highly enough.

Duncan about listing Duncan and Edward 8 months ago.

We are a French family with two kids on a one year world tour. We have booked two journeys with Bakhitgul in October 2019 (15 days + 7 days).

The first trip has started normally even if we didn’t follow the programm and Bakhitgul didn’t communicate much.

We had some great moment with eagle hunters.

After we have decided to cancel the second trip because of the cold, things started to become really bad, as Bakhitgul threat us to go to the police in order to get some more money.

On the eight hours car trip to go back to Ulgii, we had no water and no food.

Once in Ulgii, Bakhitgul threat us again. We finally pay her the amount she wanted and ask her to leave us in an hotel in Ulgii.

She sent us in the worst hotel in town and we never saw her again...

Mikael about listing Khuvsgul lake 8 months ago.

Our holiday in Mongolia was the trip of a lifetime for our family, and we can't thank Baha enough for organising our experience. If we're lucky enough to someday return to Mongolia, we would definitely want to book Baha as our guide, and we recommend her (and Indy Guide), without hesitation, to any other travellers considering a visit to Western Mongolia.

We used Indy Guide for our initial trip planning - to work out the best length of time to spend in Mongolia, and where. After receiving a number of messages and quotes from potential guides, we chose Baha to be our guide, because of her experience, communication skills, warmth and responsiveness. She also understood our needs as a family, and was flexible in tailoring an itinerary suitable for children.

Unfortunately, it was several weeks before we could book flights and finalise our travel dates, and our dates did not fit with Baha's availability (she had another booking for the dates we were able to spend in Western Mongolia).

However, Baha suggested a friend of hers as a replacement, and organised two guides and a driver for us. She didn't just leave it at that, though. She remained in constant contact with me in the two months leading up to our trip, and was helpful in making suggestions and reassuring me. I was nervous about travelling with a 10-year-old and an 8-year-old to such a remote location, and was worried about the physical demands and safety for them. I had many, many questions, and I'm sure I wasn't an easy customer! Despite the fact that Baha was not able to guide us personally, she was very patient, provided me with answers to my questions, and was incredibly generous with her time. She was a constant source of advice and support - and before, during and after our holiday she has remained in touch with us to ensure we were happy with our experience. She is passionate about her job, and her country.

The 7 days we had travelling around Altai Tavan Bogd and Western Mongolia were the highlight of our holiday - it was pure adventure for all of us. Our children had a blast riding horses and sleeping in tents, getting to know locals and playing Kazakh games. It is a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world, and we felt privileged to be able to experience it. We loved sleeping in tents and gers, learning about Kazakh culture, hiking Malchin Peak and exploring the countryside in a Russian van. Sofia, Maks and Altu, the guides and driver who Baha arranged for us, were wonderful. We had such a lot of fun with them, many laughs, and were always well taken care of. They were so caring towards our children, and were trustworthy, genuine, kind people. Even now, nearly a month after our time with them, we think of them often, and remain changed by our experience with them.

Western Mongolia turned out to be the ultimate travel destination for us, and it will be hard to top this now; the experience was so enriching. However, I think it's worth mentioning that some families would find it challenging. Much of the driving is off-road, across bumpy terrain and it can take hours to cover short distances (our kids found this fun). There are few toilets in Altai Tavan Bogd (a couple of locations have a pit in the ground with a make-shift shed for privacy; but mostly you need to be prepared to do your business behind a tree or rock), and in most situations there is no electricity or running water.

However, we're not seasoned campers, and we managed just fine without these daily comforts. If you asked our kids, they'd go back to Western Mongolia tomorrow. And the lack of roads and amenities are what keep the destination such a magical experience - untouched beauty, few tourists, and no pollution.

We're so grateful to Baha for her role in our holiday - she went above and beyond to support us, is completely trustworthy, and we hope to use her services again in the future.

We're also big fans of Indy Guide after this experience. The bookings process was easy, and we were happy to be using a platform where we could connect directly with guides, where guides were able to determine their own prices for services, and where we knew that the guides themselves were receiving the bulk of the fee. The costs were much more affordable than booking through a larger tour operator. We're excited about the possibilities of further Central Asia travel, and look forward to using Indy Guide's platform again to plan our trips.

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Baha was an amazing guide for our group of 3 trekkers from US + Spain. You can tell she’s very experienced in giving these treks and goes out of her way to give you a real local experience, from interviews with an eagle hunter to finding the best route up the Altai mountains. You can tell she is very much loved and well connected within the community, saying hello to all the nomadic families living in the yurts throughout the trip.

Baha is very detailed about the itinerary but at the same time very flexible if you have something specific you want to do. She goes out of her way to accommodate you and makes your trip exactly what you want it to be.

She is extremely knowledgeable about the different local customs and is very open to sharing this info with you - answering our 1000 questions. We even met her son and her family.

Baha is extremely trustworthy and also puts a lot of trust in her amazing team. We had a very experienced off road driver (daolet) and a great chef during the trip who made the trip seamless.

We couldn’t recommend her more for your Mongolian adventure.


Fahey, Andréw, Carlos

PS. If she doesn’t respond immediately - it’s because she’s most likely giving a trek and there is no coverage out there, truly.

Andrew about listing Bayan Ulgii - ANDREW 11 months ago.
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Baha was not on the trip with my group, which is just me and another traveler from HK. She was taking another bigger group. It was the driver and the cook that were with us throughout the 14 days trip in July 2019. Logistics were well planned and taken care of, we didn't have to worry about anything. The most wonderful thing Baha did for me was that i had to leave earlier so she arranged the driver to fetch me to the airport and send me off. My flight to Chinggis Khan airport was delayed due to bad weather and she helped me to translate and communicate with the staff and eventually I got a statement from the airlines certifying the delay so I can claim from my travel insurance. Wonderful guide in general, but I really wished I have her on the trip with me so we can have more wonderful memories together! :)


Baha organised the trip very well. Her team is kind and fun to be with. We communicate with basic English but the journey was still amazing. I'd definitely pick them to be part of my next journey in Mongolia again!

Allison about listing Western Mongolia 12 months ago.

Bakhitgul is a very knowledgeable person and knows a lot about the nomadic culture. Her spoken English was fairly ok and helped me to communicate with the nomads which was really great!!! Along with a driver, they were a good team to go around. The driver, Barbol was an excellent and a safe driver. When in Western Mongolia your trip totally depends on having a good guide and Bakhitgul was the best!!! Totally recommend her to the other travelers. Thank you so much for everything. My trip was so memorable :) Hope to travel with you again in future

SAMINA about listing Booking with Bakhitgul 1 years ago.
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HI Baka, sorry to be so slow. Trying to fit back into my western, first world life has been an adjustment.

My experience in Ulgii has changed me. I really appreciate you pairing me with my guide, Sonia Sophia Sultankhan. She was such an attribute to my experience of Mongolia. Her knowledge of English, her understanding of the Kazakh people and her kindness, all added immensely to my trip.

I want to thank you for setting up my home stay with Galeena and her Eagle hunter family. To live with them in their yurt for 6 days was fascinating. I even learned to milk a cow amongst all the other amazing experiences living so close to the land with eagles will certainly bring.

I will say, I appreciated my time with them more than the Eagle Hunter Festival.

Thank you so much for sharing your culture and your beautiful country in such a personal and meaningful way.

I hope to see Mongolia again.

The very best to you, Sandra.

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I had a fabulous trip with Baha for 13 days. We hiked to malchen peak BC, visited lakes, petroglyphs, stayed with nomads and attended the eagle festival. Overall I felt very well cared for and have come home with amazing memories of west Mongolia. Baha is a great cook, very friendly and keen to share her knowledge. She also organised a skilled and friendly driver which added to the trip experience. I highly recommend Baha and would love to travel with her again.

Karen about listing Eagle Festival 2 years ago.

I just returned from my vacation in Mongolia and am deeply impressed with the country. I wanted to cross the whole country from West to East and Baha did an amazing job organizing this long trip. I can highly recommend her as a guide- she is very knowledgeable, experienced and connected. And equally important also a fun person to hang out with.

For trips in Mongolia, having a good driver is very important. Baha’s choice was excellent. The 3 of us enjoyed the time. I wouldn’t have wanted to do the trip with anyone else.

The landscape is amazing, it changed completely at least once, sometimes twice per day. Especially the views in the Altai mountains are on another level. The people are very welcoming and extremely helpful.

Michael about listing 15 Days Mongolia Roundtrip 2 years ago.
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