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My name is Bakhitgul but you can call me Baha. I am an experienced guide from Western Mongolia.

I have been a tour guide for the past five years for a company in Bayan Ulgii and would now like to gain some independence and do it on my own. I have two young boys who are wonderful.

I live in Sagsai, a small village outside of Ulgii, and have lived in Bayan Ulgii all of my life.

I love sharing my Kazakh culture to travelers and look forward to sharing it with you. I am very flexible with tours and family stays so please let me know what you would like and we can make it happen.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am an English teacher always working on projects and preparing students for the TOEFL or IELTS. I like hiking, traveling and horseback riding and of course meeting new people.

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

Role: Individual/Freelancer

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Bakhitgul is a very knowledgeable person and knows a lot about the nomadic culture. Her spoken English was fairly ok and helped me to communicate with the nomads which was really great!!! Along with a driver, they were a good team to go around. The driver, Barbol was an excellent and a safe driver. When in Western Mongolia your trip totally depends on having a good guide and Bakhitgul was the best!!! Totally recommend her to the other travelers. Thank you so much for everything. My trip was so memorable :) Hope to travel with you again in future

SAMINA about listing Booking with Bakhitgul 1 month ago.
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HI Baka, sorry to be so slow. Trying to fit back into my western, first world life has been an adjustment.

My experience in Ulgii has changed me. I really appreciate you pairing me with my guide, Sonia Sophia Sultankhan. She was such an attribute to my experience of Mongolia. Her knowledge of English, her understanding of the Kazakh people and her kindness, all added immensely to my trip.

I want to thank you for setting up my home stay with Galeena and her Eagle hunter family. To live with them in their yurt for 6 days was fascinating. I even learned to milk a cow amongst all the other amazing experiences living so close to the land with eagles will certainly bring.

I will say, I appreciated my time with them more than the Eagle Hunter Festival.

Thank you so much for sharing your culture and your beautiful country in such a personal and meaningful way.

I hope to see Mongolia again.

The very best to you, Sandra.

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I had a fabulous trip with Baha for 13 days. We hiked to malchen peak BC, visited lakes, petroglyphs, stayed with nomads and attended the eagle festival. Overall I felt very well cared for and have come home with amazing memories of west Mongolia. Baha is a great cook, very friendly and keen to share her knowledge. She also organised a skilled and friendly driver which added to the trip experience. I highly recommend Baha and would love to travel with her again.

Karen about listing Eagle Festival 7 months ago.

I just returned from my vacation in Mongolia and am deeply impressed with the country. I wanted to cross the whole country from West to East and Baha did an amazing job organizing this long trip. I can highly recommend her as a guide- she is very knowledgeable, experienced and connected. And equally important also a fun person to hang out with.

For trips in Mongolia, having a good driver is very important. Baha’s choice was excellent. The 3 of us enjoyed the time. I wouldn’t have wanted to do the trip with anyone else.

The landscape is amazing, it changed completely at least once, sometimes twice per day. Especially the views in the Altai mountains are on another level. The people are very welcoming and extremely helpful.

Michael about listing 15 Days Mongolia Roundtrip 8 months ago.
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Baha is a nice and friendly guide who tries everything to fulfill all her guests' wishes. We could even spend a night with a Nomadic Family, which was very interesting and an experience we will never forget. She also speaks very good English and is a great cook!


The scenery of Western Mongolia is stunning as well as the people I met during the trip are all very friendly. The trip went smooth and enjoyable. Baha even helped me to contact the shared van driver of Olgii to the Chinese border (but beware, the whole process can easily take 30 hours if you head straight to Urumqi). Great experience.

W about listing Custom booking 11 months ago.
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Everything went according to my expectation and the itinerary. Very responsive before the tour. Would definitely recommend the guide.

Eva about listing Altai mountain trekking 12 months ago.

The tour went perfectly as planned. Bakhitgul organized everything in a very professional and reliable way; I always felt safe. All meals, horseback rides and overnight stays were memorable. All the families we met and her were all very friendly and hospitable. She is also very knowledgeable about her homeland, culture and traditions. I can totally recommend her tours to all other tourists.

Werner about listing Horseback riding Altai 1 years ago.
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