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My name is Bakir.I am native of Eastern Pamir Murghab

Let us to Show you really the Best Adventure

I have itineraries to Fann mountains and Eastern Pamir, Yak Camel riding, Cycling, Jeep tours.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am home appliance maker. I like Mountains as I live in high Mountains I have been a guide since 2004.META (Murgab Eco Tourism Assocation).2004 META invite me to work a guide mountain guide in Eastern Pamir.than in 2005 I have been in Khorog at seminars of provide tourists and English lessons.Until this days I working a guide.

Country: Tajikistan

Services in: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 13

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Bakir and his driver Taalai Bek, came pick me up at the airport at 4am in the morning. Everything went smoothly. Both Bakir and Taalai are great people and they know the area of the Pamirs very well as they are originals from Murghab (Western Pamirs). I had an excelent experience with them. They also cover Kirgisztan so when I am back in central Asia, I will definitely reach out to them again. So worth it!

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The best option to explore Tajikistan with people who really knows this beautiful place. Highly recommended!!!

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Amazing 12-day with Bakir through the Pamir Highway. Best experience in my life! Bakir and Aida the driver are truly amazing. Bakir is very knowledgeable and always make sure that his guests are comfortable throughout the journey. My trip to Tajikistan definitely would not be the same without them. We had so much fun and it feels like few good friends going for a trip instead of taking the tour. Thank you Bakir for the amazing experience. I miss Tajikistan so much now.

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My husband and and I just got back from Pamir, Tajikistan.

We spent three weeks trekking around GBAO with our friends Valentina, Giovanna, Paolo and Stefano from 12 aug to 2 sept.

Bakir has been our our guide for the whole trip.

He is really a professional guide, with a good knowledge of the territory. He is also a good English speaker.

He is a kind-hearted, eco-green minded person. He is also an enthusiastic lover of his beautiful land and nature!

During these three week e payed a lot of attention to all of us in all situations, trying to make ourself comfortable.

Staying in the open spaces of Pamir, sleeping in the yurtas, tents and nice homestays, meeting nice and generous local people, watching animals through the binoculars, (Bakir always glimpses animals before anyone else!), for me has been one of the best trip I have ever had!

I really recommend Bakir as a guide.

With him also a great team of two drivers Alì and Ismail and great chef Altin.

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I spent 4 days exploring the Pamirs and loved it. My guide Bakir was very professional and customised an itinerary to suit my needs and timeline. I loved the scenery, meeting the locals and visiting hot springs and fortresses I never knew existed in Tajikistan. It was great that I was able to stop for photos whenever I wanted too and learn about Tajikistan on the way. The food and guesthouses were also of a very high standard. Highly recommend for your trip to Tajikistan.

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Great operator I highly recommend it


The best tour! I’ve been traveling all over the world, but this has been the best tour I’ve ever done. Bakir and his driver Jamboort were amazing, they are very professional,knowledgeable and lots of fun. We did a 5 day trip from Eastern Pamir all the way to Dushanbe, it was awesome to be with Bakir because he knows all of the areas very well and so many people along the way including the guest houses we stayed at. The beauty of the drive, mountains, hot springs and lakes we visited were incredible. It was a very safe trip and Jamboort is a fantastic driver as well. I highly recommend Bakir and Jamboort, they are simply the best! We signed up for a tour, but came out of it with brothers and friends for life! Thank you Bakir

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I spent a fantastic two weeks with Bakir on a trip from Dushanbe through the Pamirs along the Afghanistan border, up to Murghab and finally ending in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. All I can say is that it was a trip of a lifetime. I was moved by the hospitality and kindness of the people we met on the way as well as Bakir and the drivers. Bakir was a fantastic guide with good English skills. He was well organized, and we stayed in wonderful homestays along the way. Bakir introduced us to another world that I would not have not been able to experience in Tajikistan had I tried to go it alone. I highly recommend him and hope that everyone who reads this will take the opportunity to travel through this beautiful area of the world!

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Last summer I travelled with a group of 6 friends in Tajikistan.

We crossed the Eastern Pamir, hiking and camping in the mountains, stopping in home- stays or yurtas.

Staring from Osh, through Murghab to the border with Afghanistan. The presence and support of our guide, Bakir, was fundamental.

His professionalism and kindness were really important for us. Excellent ability to deal with tHe unexpected, with practicality and efficiency.

Bakir has been able to create a great harmony in the group. The result was a journey that impressed us. Our guide Bakir, along with the two very good drivers, Ismail, Ali and our chef Altin, have made our trip truly unforgettable.

They helped us to discover a fascinating country with beautiful nature and one of the most hospitable people we have ever met!

I would recommend Bakir and the team that accompanied us, to those wishing to visit Tajikistan.


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We travelled through Tajikistan Mountains with Bakir and his driver Mi Talib. Truly exhilarating experience. Bakir adjusted the schedule as we went on, completely to suit our whimsical desires. He showed us places that made me question whether we were alone on this planet or not. Absolutely out of this world.

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