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Hello everyone! 

I have been guiding in Mongolia for 8 years then 3 years ago, I have started my own company based on my experience.

The way I see it there is a huge amount of people who would love to travel Mongolia but don't have a lot of time or enough budget.

Thus, I have created so many tour packages depending on the duration of the tour or the budget you have. Thus feel free to ask me any advice or the ask one of my tours. I would gladly give you information freely :). 

Even when you work with me, you can even tailor your tour and have a wonderful experience in Mongolia by doing and seeing every best thing Mongolia has to offer such as horse/camel riding, climbing high mountains, visiting secluded tribes, riding through endless vast of wilderness.

Priority of my dream is promoting my Mongolia to the world and build my own world attractions, everything else falls into second place. 

Merry travel, friends

Warmest Regards


My skills, interests, and hobbies: Enthusiastic language learner Photography Graphic designer Tour expert Tour organizer Traveler Gamer for life

Country: Mongolia

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Years of experience: 9

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Last seen 3 months ago