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If you are too lazy or tired of reading how one applauds himself here is what we are in brief :)

1. Visa support with tourist invitation

2. Best rates at Almaty hotels 4* and 5*, better than popular websites' lowest fares! Feel free to ask to economize from 7 to 30$ 

3. More than 20 local guides speaking Turkish, Arabic, and English among whom are lovers of history, fishing, hunting, and many others with whom you can find interests and hobbies in common!

4. Our own transportation - no middlemen, no additional cost! Low-cost to premium cars and vans! 

Anyways, hope you will not find this as a praise/proclamation, but, we really will do our best for you to leave our hospitable Kazakhstan with best memories! We are always keen to make extra things at no cost, which is why our guides and our management gained popularity among our guests from the GCC countries, where we now have a strong presence and 90% positive rating! 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I personally am a very boring person, which is why I do not guide people :) But our team is full of energetic and passionate people who organize among many other tourism varieties fishing and hunting tours in Almaty region, of course at specific times! Interested to know how modern nomads live? We can also take you to their pastures during the summertime and winter shelters! Many things to come!

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We had a great time on our tour arranged by Bayan. She offered an affordable price in a nice car and safe driver. Our tour guide Rose was very nice and kind as well. We will sure contact Bayan again for our next tour!! Thank you

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