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While improving my French, Spanish and English during my student years, I have started working as a tour guide in Tashkent. And after some years, I turned from historian into an adventurer driving up to 10+ hours a day, visiting every corner of my country over and over again. I still enjoy driving around the country in search for undiscovered places, preparing blog posts in the mountains & deserts … because the Silk Road heritage of Uzbekistan is so fascinating & we have so many stories to share.

While working for the largest travel agencies of the country as tour guide I've gained a great deal of experience which guarantees my guests ts the best prices & better understanding their desires.

I like to call myself a destination specialist, and all members of our selected team are experienced & highly motivated young professionals. We are prepared to spend considerable time and effort making sure that your holiday is right for you, ensuring your time away is fun and hassle free. We have a well established, extensive network of professionals in the region which allow us to create amazing getaways.



My skills, interests, and hobbies: I have driven to every corner of Uzbekistan, tasted every meal available, attended to all interesting events. I am now pleased for being able to propose it to you !

Country: Uzbekistan

Trip Request for: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 14

15 open listings

27 received reviews (100% positive, 27/27)


Times of crisis show the real people. This Corona crisis caught us in Uzbekistan and Beck (and his team of guides and drivers: David, Anvar, Babur, Moxadil, Laziz) showed us that he knows how to handle difficult times with his guests. He changed our itinerary when necessary and gave us good advice to make the best out of it. He also helped to get us on a plane out of the country when all borders where closed. We will always be grateful to Beck, his team and the people of Uzbekistan for the warm care and attention during our prolonged time in Uzbekistan during quarantine time.

Eva about listing Eva & Eduardo Navruz USBEKISTAN Tour 4 months ago.

Everythingv was good thanks a lot!

Batyr about listing Booking a sedan car 4 months ago.

Perfect - thx


Hello Beck,

thank you for the tour! It was very nice !

Best regards


Jonas about listing 12 days Uzbekistan with Aral Sea 10 months ago.

Perfect and fast communication. Punctual, reliable, trustworthy and friendly. You made our trip in Uzbekistan much easier :)


I did a tour from Nukus to Tashkent with a driver beck organized for me. The driver was very friendly and drive safe.

Julia about listing driver for tour in Uzbekistan 29th August 10 months ago.

Very helpful drivers! Thank you!


Everything was perfect, drivers were gentle and on time!


We would like to thank very much Beck for providing a unique experience during the whole trip. He is a very intelligent and modest person with a lot of knowledge on the history and architecture of Uzbekistan, but the most impressive thing is the love with which he was eager to show us its beauty. Beck gave us a lot of information, but it was never overwhelming because it was presented as a story or a fairy tale. He introduced us to the flavours of the country both literally, letting us taste incredible food, and metaphorically, showing us off-the-beaten-track places. He was able to alter slightly a part of our program on the run when we asked for it. We would highly recommend Beck for your Uzbekistan trip!

Kiril about listing Uzbekistan custom booking with Beck 11 months ago.
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I used Beck for a Bukhara-Khiva transfer and would recommend him for price, punctuality and getting me there on time.

Penelope about listing Transfer Bukhara to Khiva 12 months ago.

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