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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Wonderlands of nomads. My name is Beka (Begaly) from Kyrgyzstan. I love what i do, it is my air to breath and live to work in tourism, proud to be Kyrgyz and show you all such an amazing country. I fluently speak Russian, Kyrgyz, English and basic French, Turkish, German. 


  • Red Crescent first emergency aid course
  • Traning by EastGuidesWest organised by IndyGuide

I have been working as a guide/interpreter and driver since 2011 and organise tours regarding to your wishes. 

  • Trekking in the celestial mountains of Tien Shan Ranges
  • Horseback riding in pradise lands of shepherds/Nomads
  • Cultural tours, discovering the life of nomads and get close to them.
  • All inclusive: Tradition, culture, nature, adventure, hiking, horse riding
  • And more activities up to your wishes

I am here to make your trips better, come and let me help you to make your days unforgettable in Kyrgyzstan!

See you soon in the lands of Nomads, untouched virgin Nature! 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Proactive, communicative hard working young man, interested in outdoor activities. Like taking picture on my phone and spending time with my family, playing with the kids.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 8

25 open listings

12 received reviews (100% positive, 12/12)


I’m so lucky to have found Beka through Indy Guide! I was a solo traveller planning last minute, and came across Bekas profile which had great reviews from other travellers.

Beka was very flexible to accommodate to my schedules and what I wanted to do, very timely response which helped me very much in the beginning to finalise my itinerary, and the price he offered for my package was very fair in comparison to other offers I received.

My Kyrgyzstan journey would not have been as memorable without him, he showed me on the first day a very nice trekking trail to kick off which didn’t have much tourists. He also recommended me with his personal favourite guesthouse, with a super friendly couple who surprised me with folk songs after dinner and made me felt so warm and welcomed! He’s also very well organised, planning ahead before our horse riding day to take vodka and food which i appreciated so much when we reached versus the other groups who were staying there. He also took care of me when i was down one night when I felt a little ill.

I would highly recommend anyone who plans to visit Kyrgyzstan for an authentic and memorable experience!

Iris about listing Kyrgyzstan is wonderland 6 days 8 days ago.
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Beka was an excellent choice for being my guide during 3 days around lake Issyk-Kul.

He drove from Bishkek to Karakol and come back, all around the lake, and he showed me the main interest places during the trip. The same in Karakol and in the mountains around. He´s a really close, honest and friendly person. Excellent english speaker. He´s able to hiking in the mountain with an excellent knowledge of the area, showing the alternatives, and to ride horses as well. He was taking care about me and was proposing different plans, I was feeling he has a really detailed knowledge about the region. The timing during the days were good and well planed all the time and I really enjoyed without stress. Every question from my part about geography, mountain paths or traditions was replied. We spoke as well about cooking, history, geology in the area, anthropology, religions, music... and each time he explained in detail about every topic. The restaurants suggestions were good as well. Amazing to discover the bazaars with him. As driver he was taking care, driving in a relax way.

I had an excellent time with Beka. I can strongly recommend Beka as guide. Thanks for your kindness, my friend.

Roberto about listing 3 days around Yssyk Kul lake 24 days ago.
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Missing Ati

I've met Beka in September 2018 and we traveled together from Bishkek to Cholpon-Ata. Beka is a reliable, fun, experienced tour guide and deserves my full endorsement!

20180902 152226

The trip to Kyrgyztan has been awesome especially due to Beka! He introduced us in the Kyrgyz culture and offered a well balanced program. Even spontaneous changes/wishes of the program he could realize for us. Never had a better guide and trustful person! Thank you Beka for everything.

Img 20180805 wa0012

We were a group of 16 traveling through Kyrgistan for 10 days. Beka was amazing, helped us with organizing everything to the smallest detailes (transportation, trekking, horse riding, horse games, yurt and hotels acommodation and restaurants). Kyrgistan is a beautiful country and people are very nice and welcoming but Beka made our visit truly special.

Img 20180729 wa0010

Beka is an excellent guide who is also very flexible, honest and eager to provide you the best tour for your budget. We are traveling the world so we could not afford a 10 or 18 days but a 7 days tour. Thanks to Beka we stayed with lovely families, tried delicious and interesting Kyrgys specialities, heard Kyrgys music (we have a favorite song now) and where overwhelmed about the variety of Kyrgyzstans nature. So much beauty to see!!!

We did not only enjoy the trip, we also became friends! We had nice evenings playing cards and filled with laughter :-D

Overall you can be sure that Beka tries to make your visit memorable!

P.S. : make sure to lose some weight before your tour. Kyrgys people looove sugar (sweets,jam,cookies all day long ... yeaaahy :-D)

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Jo Ann

Beka is a great guide. Although we only had a few days in Bishkek on our recent trip through Central Asia, he made sure we saw all the highlights and gave us great insights into Kyrgyzstan. He is organized, reliable, knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor. He is fun to travel with. I will definitely book with him again when we return.

Jo Ann about listing Tour in Biskek with Beka June 2 - 4 11 months ago.

I had an amazing 10 days trip in Kyrgyzstan thanks to Beka. He was very responsive from the start when we were still discussing the itineraries and Beka recommended some wonderful guest houses and always great places to eat. A very attentive and patient guide, he shared the most beautiful places and interesting things about Kyrgyzstan, that I have decided to come back and visit again! I would definitely recommend Beka as a guide!

alsyani about listing Discovery Kyrgyz lands in 10 days 1 years ago.
Missing Matteo

I would like to rate the travel experience had with Begaly Abdraim last August in Kyrgyzstan as excellent.

He has been very professional and carried out the duties of driver and guide with care and passion, being flexible to accommodate my needs and photographic landscape interests. He also has experience with hiking.

I spent 6 days with him as part of a private tour going from Sary Chelek (see attached picture) to Chichkan gorge, then exploring the area around Son Kul lake and Tash Rabat with beautiful Tien Shan mountains as background.

I strongly recommend everyone to experience Kyrgyzstan and hire him as your guide.

Truly yours,


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Missing Jens

We had 5 wonderful days on a private tour through Northern Kyrgyzstan with Begaly. We were very happy having that well experienced guide, who cared so much about us, was entertaining and had an answer to all of the many question we had.

He even spent some time with us, even when the official part was over. The road conditions in Kyrgyzstan are quite challenging, but we had always a safe ride.

Thanks not only for showing us the best part of your country, but also for making it a great time we had together.


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