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Hi There :) Welcome to Tajikistan!

I’m Behruz, a positive, energetic, cheerful, flexible, adventurous and outdoor person who enjoys trying new things, meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds.  I was born and raised in this fascinating part of the world called Tajikistan!) I love my country: the wild untouched nature, the warmth, big smiles, the joy, the love, friendliness and the generally happy, easy going way of life. I'm just like that. And I am a hugger!! :)

Being a tour guide is not only my profession, it's a passion and lifestyle and I believe tour guiding is an art. An art where you deal with people and like in a song, you need to hit the right note and create the right mood and sensations, with a real feast of colors, sights, and sounds. And I always try to focus on making the tour the way you want it! considering all safety matters.

Much more than offering a conventional tour, I try to offer my customers an entertaining day, so that during the outing they can establish a deeper contact with the local people discovering their tastes, gastronomy, craftwork, lifestyles, curiosities, and stories, taking a little of the Tajik hospitality home in their baggage.

In Tajikistan, there is always something for everyone whether you are an explorer, wildlife photographer, nature lover, birdwatcher.

I offer different kind of tours

Here are some of them:

  •         Pamir highway road-trip from Dushanbe to Osh or vice-versa.
  •         Trekking in the Fann-Mountains and Pamirs.
  •          Cultural tours,
  •          Day trips from Dushanbe to Iskanderkul Lake, Hissor fortress and other places.
  •          I can customize tours both from the border points between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan or from Osh and Bishkek of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Cycling tours
  • Hiking tours
  • Ecotours
  • Adventure tours
  • Horse tours
  • Moto tours
  • Photo tours

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Apart from tour guiding, my passions are music, art, singing, sport, movies, psychology, photography, comedy sitcoms, nature, spirituality, meditation, friendship, and family

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

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Behruz was a fantastic tour guide, very friendly and polite. He was well-equipped for the tour, and was knowledgeable and experienced. He helped make the trip one of my best memories of Tajikistan :-)

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