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I am Bobosher, a tour operator and guide in Uzbekistan. I love what I do and make every single trip unique, interesting, involving and adventurous.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I love traveling, meeting new friends and being part of best memories that my guests have while I serve them. I make tours that take back guests to centuries when they amused by beauty of cities like Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva that were once located on the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road. The tours that let one involve with local lifestyle which is not touched by modernity and watch the beautiful sunset in the desert and listen a traditional live performance by local singer over campfire at the Yurt Camp. Watching traditional dancing shows in madrasah, visiting one of the biggest and historic oriental markets where you can buy almost anything from Silk products to Spices and much more...

Country: Uzbekistan

Services in: Uzbekistan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 5

24 open listings

38 received reviews (97% positive, 37/38)


Bobosher gave me a great transfer by car from Taschkent to Samarkand. As he was busy with tour i was not able to get him as a guide. He is very nice, helpful- and speaks very good english.

Marianne about listing Taxi taschkent to samarkand 6 days ago.

Hey Bob - Martha and I wanted to really thank you for a fantastic trip made even more so by our conversations and your incredible knowledge both historic and current about your country. As tourists, one rarely gets to delve so deeply into the culture being observed. Thanks for deepening our knowledge and appreciate of yours.

David about listing Trip to Khiva 6 days ago.

Bobsher's tour to Samarkand was wonderful. First of all Samarkand is a beautiful city with amazing sites. But the sites are a long way away from each other, so you will need transport. And to have transport and a guide in one was very helpful. Bobosher is a great guide: informative, friendly, speaks excellent English. I only had a day for my visit from Tashkent, which was enough - as long as I had someone like Bobosher to take me from site to site. A delicious lunch was included in the price (Samarkand Plov!). But be aware that you will need to source your own ticket on the fast train from Tashkent. I can strongly recommend Bobsher as a guide and the trip to Samarkand is a must do if you are visiting Uzbekistan.


Bobby’ or Bob, was such a phenomenal guide for our crew in Uzbekistan.

We were on location shooting a film project for the Ministry of Tourisim, and Bob helped us every step of the way.

Not only great with knowledge of the sites, facts and in depth historical knowledge but a great on the ground understanding of restaurants, people, and fun activities to enjoy the most one possibly can in Uzbekistan!

Great guy !

Jeffrey about listing Uzbekistan 4 months ago.

We booked transportation from Buchara to Samarkand and then on to Tashkent. Bobosher is a friendly and well-educated man who speaks excellent English, so contact and booking went very smoothly. He also offered us a discount because the car that was used had a lower class as advertised (which we did not notice), that was really accommodating.

The driver on our first trip, however, seemed not very professional. He did not come to our hotel as we would have expected but parked somewhere near and obviously expected us to find him. We lost 30-40 minutes that way which is no big deal but left us a bit anxious during that time.


Thanks Bob! We had a great time learning about Uzbekistan. I especially recommend his tours because he plans down to the smallest details while remaining very flexible. There were a few days when we wanted to spend more time shopping for souvenirs or less time seeing sights, and he instantly accommodated us to make the whole experience very tailored. Highly recommend Uzbekistan and Bob's guide services!


Car was clean and comfortable, driver punctual, cautious, and knew where to go. Bob runs a very good service to transport us from Tashkent to Osh border and see the sights along the way over 2 days. Thanks, Gene

Gene about listing Conversation with Bobosher 6 months ago.
Tuan Huy

Our drive from Bukhara to Samarkand was very pleasent.

Tuan Huy about listing Driver from Bukhara to Samarkand 7 months ago.

We hired a Bobosher taxi with the driver for a long trip from Bukhara to Khiva and from Khiva to Nukus, in advance from our Country, Italy. The service was prompt and punctual as arranged via email, but once in Uzbekistan we realized that the price we agreed to pay for the Bobosher taxi service was almost double compared to average prices of Uzbekistan . More than this, the driver drove very recklessly, was talking at the phone and writing text messages while driving. Considering that the roads in Uzbekistan are often extremely bad, his way of driving was just inappropriate and dangerous. After the first leg of the journey we called Bobosher telling him that we realized his service was too expensive compared to the average price of the Country and he allowed us a 20% discount on the price we fixed ( still too little). We told him about the way the driver drove. He told us he would have scolded the driver assuring us that for the second leg of the journey the driver would have driven more responsibly: well, the second leg of the journey was worst than the first one! Our advice? Don't book a taxi service in advance for a journey in Uzbekistan. Once you get to the country it's easy to find and choose the right one following your instinct. Mostly Uzbek people are very friendly and honest. Always try to get a taxi where the driver can speak at least a basic english .


Bobosher organized a border pick-up on the Uzbek side of the border near Osh and transport to Tashkent. We prefered to make this one day drive in two days to have a night over in Kokand, which was worth it and Bobosher organized a friendly driver (unfortunately not english speaking) since he was unable to come himself. In addition Bobosher helped with train tickets booking in Uzbekistan which was great since impossible from abroad and they are often fully booked days in advance.

Bobosher is certainly a capable organizer, we can fully recommend him.

Thanks for your help again Bobosher.

Claude about listing Customized Border to Tashkent 7 months ago.

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