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I am Bobosher, a tour operator and guide in Uzbekistan. I love what I do and make every single trip unique, interesting, involving and adventurous.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I love traveling, meeting new friends and being part of best memories of my guests. I arrange tours that will take guests back to centuries when they amused by beauty of cities like Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva that were once located on the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road. The tours that let one involve with local lifestyle which is not touched by modernity and watch the beautiful sunset in the desert and listen a traditional live performance by local singer over campfire at the Yurt Camp. Watching traditional dancing shows in madrasah, visiting one of the biggest and historic oriental markets where you can buy almost anything from Silk products to Spices and much more...

Country: Uzbekistan

Services in: Uzbekistan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 5

22 open listings

54 received reviews (98% positive, 53/54)


Some issues with a car on our way to Tashkent. The other way to Samarkand was OK.


The guide chosen by Bobosher was a wonderful woman, who grew up in Bukhara. She was very engaged and knew a lot about every area we visited, turning it all into beautiful stories. She was able to answer every question we had. The tour was by foot and took about 5 hours, plus a late lunch at a local place which served a great local plov at a cheap price. We had a wonderful time, and I would absolutely recommend her for any tour group!

Liz about listing Guide in Bukhara 3 days ago.

Mr. Bobosher and his staff are the best guides that you can find during your travel !!! Five stars!


I recommend Bobosher 100%

He was friendly with good English and gud knowledge put us in contact wit other guides in Bukara and Samarkand and also organised train tickets for us

Highly recommend him n his team

Amazing trip to the Stans fantastic experience wit grt people and beautiful memories


Sigrid Australia

Sigrid about listing Mrs Sigrid Thomas 9 days ago.

Bob was very helpful in all possible ways and he’s very knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we would highly recommend him.


the transfer with Boboscher was pleasant him is punctual courteous and very friendly . perfect driver and safe driving. everything went very well.

Elvira about listing Driver from Bukhara -Samarcanda 6th june 2 months ago.

Excellent host and a wonderful trip.


I have been obliged to cancel reservation due to travel dates change


I had a great time with Bob and his lovable trainee Zamira for six days. I contacted him several months in advance to plan my trip and he was very quick and informative in replying to all my requests, and the information provided was in full compliance with the services rendered later.

Bob has a wealth of historical and cultural knowledge and shared his experience as well as uzbekistan culture and life in soviet times. He speaks perfectly English and can answer any questions about Uzbekistan. He has a comfortable car with AC and he is a perfect driver. We stopped in several local restaurants and tasted local uzbek cuisine. I’m feeling very happy with this trip and have great impressions about it! The price for services is also reasonable.

He was the best guide I could have and I can absolutely recommended Bob !

Riccardo about listing Uzbekistan tour 3 months ago.
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Everything was fine. Thanks!

Raul about listing Bukhara-Samarkand via Shakhrisabz 3 months ago.

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