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Hi everyone! and let me tell a few words about myself!

In the course of the 40 years of outdoor experience and 30 years working in travel and adventure business as a guide, CEO, travel consultant and coordinator have been visiting different regions and areas of former USSR from Baltic republics on the west to Kamtchatka and Kuriles islands on the Far East, from Arctic circle on the north to southern deserts and mountains in Central Asia. Working as travel and logistics coordinator in Antarctica (solo and international expeditions, tourist group and VIP to the South Pole trip)
Having big practical experience in guiding and trip organizing for solo, small groups or multinational climbing expeditions: trekking, cross-country skiing, heliski, mountaineering.
Over the last years I am passionate about fishing, so each summer I go fishing to one of the wild and remote rivers in Arctic or Siberia. Fishing also became a part of my travel business: I propose a wide choice of fishing trips on best rivers in different parts of Russia: Arctic, Siberia, Far East.

Master’s degree in physical geography (St Petersburg State University).

  •  IATA certified travel agent (since 1999);
  • Speak French, English, Russian (native)


Working primarily as an outfitter, I provide a pretty wide range of adventures:

  • offroad trips in Western Kazakhstan (Ustyurt), Tajikistan (Pamir and Pamir-Alai mountain region) and Russia (Altai, Yakutia);
  • ethnic and cultural tours in different regions of Russia and Central Asia: Saami, Nenets, Evenk, and other northern nation; Russian old believers in Siberia; the Koryaks, Chukchi on the Far East, Pamiri and Sogdi in Tadjikistan,  etc...;
  • fishing trips and expeditions on best rivers in the Arctic, Siberia, Far East: static tent camps or lodges,  floating trips;
  • horse trekking or horseback riding in Siberia (Altai mountains, Yakutia);
  • wildlife, photo safari: Northern lights hunting in the Russian Arctic and Siberia, birdwatching.


Have a nice trip and hope to see you on one of my tours!


Kamchatka volcanoes trip with French group in 1

Kamtchatka volcanoes trip with French group in 1  Kamtchatka volcanoes trip with French group in 1

Ustyurt plateau

Ustyurt plateau


Austrian group in Antarctica

Tent camp on the way to the South Pole

At  the South Pole

Chinese group at the South Pole 

Party with Chinese group after South Pole trip

Penguin colony visit

In the Nenets tundra

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Strong outdoor skills, fishing, kayaking & rafting, alpine skiing, expeditions to the wild and remote areas, photography.

Country: Russia

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 30

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Everything was well organised. Boris knows the region very well & Racheem the local driver was very good. It was a very long trip, but it was worth it.


carl about listing Pamir unbeaten tracks 8 months ago.

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Last seen 30 days ago