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Tour guide in Mongolia since 1996. Fluent English and Russian. I work with leisure travelers and professionals alike. I serve as a guide, fixer, driver, and local expert for 4x4 tours, horse riding, trekking, photography, film making, and general sightseeing tours. Please, contact me with your inquiry and I'll put together a trip for you fitting it in a reasonable budget.

I've worked with many global and local media outlets such as Walt Disney, Netflix, BBC, National Geographics, Reuters, PBS, NPR, MBC, and international travel companies such as Intrepid Travel, Peregrine Adventures, Wilderness Travel, Geographic Expeditions, Mountain Travel Sobek, MIR, and many more.

Please join me in discovering Mongolia and it's unique people!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Travel expert, tour guide, and experienced driver in Mongolia. Love reading, learning, and adventure travel.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 24

8 open listings

6 received reviews (100% positive, 6/6)


I travel a lot and have met many guides around the world, and I have to say Byamba is undoubtedly one of the most friendly, helpful and knowledgeable guides I have worked with.

The first thing that impressed me when I first approached Byamba was his informative, detailed and prompt replies every time I asked him questions about my potential itinerary. He was easy to work with, and often came up with multiple suggestions to a query that I casually brought up. On top of that, I must commend that his excellent command of English made all the communication much more efficient.

During the tour, Byamba did his best to cater to our needs, sometimes even offered alternatives not originally stated on our agreed itinerary. For example, our original plan was to stay in local gers on all the tour nights, but soon we found that the local food was not much to our liking, and winter Mongolia was also harshly cold. Byamba noticed this and offered us the option to slightly modify our itinerary so that we could stay in a hotel on some of the nights. We did finally take the advice and stayed one night in a hotel in Dalanzadgad in the middle of our tour so as to “take a break”. Having said that, we thoroughly enjoyed the experiences of staying in gers and (kind of) living the lives of the nomads.

Finally, there was an accident at the very end of my trip and I wouldn’t have been able to solve the problem and safely complete my trip without Byamba. On the last day of my trip, I went to Sky Resort in Ulaanbaatar to ski. I left my passport there as a deposit when I rented the equipment, but forgot to get it back before I left. I had a midnight flight that night, but only realized my passport was missing when I was about to leave the hotel. I called Byamba for help. He immediately called his friend, who in turn called his friend who was working at the resort. At that time it was already past 10pm and Sky Resort was already closed, but amazingly Byamba finally managed to reach someone who could go back to the resort, open the deposit box and return the passport to me. Without any delay, Byamba immediately drove me to the resort for the passport and then took me to the airport, and fortunately enough I was able to catch my flight. I feel really grateful and must wholeheartedly thank him for all his help. I therefore must recommend Byamba to anyone who’s going to visit Mongolia and needs a guide, he’ll probably be the best one you can find! =)

Thomas about listing 7-Day Tour to Central Mongolia and Gobi 6 months ago.

Gobi desert with Byamba

Byamba respond immediately to my inquiry, but for $100 per day, I was little bit sceptical, so I was waiting for another guide offers.

60$ but we can't make it in 3 days, 50$ but I'm not exactly fluent in English, $90 but this, that.

In meantime, Byamba sent me full time schedule with exact cost - tailor made for me. I was in time pressure but I knew what I want to see and what I need to do and he made my dream come true.

Extremely well organized, but I mean extremely. If you have traveled in Gobi you know the difference, you can easily get lost, which is common even for local people, but not with Byamba. He was using several different maps for navigation and there was no mistake.

Also he is English language teacher, so..

So, from my sceptical beginning, in very short time Byamba become travel mate, friend, brother.

An Good, Honest man, worth every penny of the $100 per day, even more.

Maybe it looks like sponsored feedback, but we know, that it isn't.

Thank you for all, see you soon, and this time with my whole family.



Vuk about listing Vuk - Byamba 8 months ago.
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Professional service. Fast driving, which I like. Got us there quick. No smoking, even outside car. I hate smokers. They smoke outside the car, get back in, and I have to choke on their toxic breath. Can't go wrong with Byamba. 5 stars.

Californya about listing Landcruiser ride to Red Rock resort 9 months ago.

I had only a weekend of free time and Byamba organized a very nice trip to Hustai national park for me. I got to see lots of wildlife (horses, deer and even a wolf and a fox!), then had an overnight stay in a ger. Byamba is a good and professional guide and driver, I would not hesitate to recommend him!

Claire about listing Two days in Khustai 10 months ago.

Hi Byamba. Jenny and I were so sorry to miss meeting you owing to your sad family circumstances but really appreciate you organising for Saruul to look after us. He is an exceptional young man and took great care of us with much patience and laughter. Mongolia is an incredible place, thoroughly enjoyable. Hopefully we can meet up one day when you return to New Zealand. In the meantime, all our best wishes to you and your family. Anne and Jenny

Anne about listing Anne and Jenny 1 years ago.
Missing Christine

Very successful and very kind! Had a great time!

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