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I have 8 years experience and has been in love with Touring and every aspect of my job since I began in 2011.

I offer various kinds of customized tours depending on your wants and needs. You are able to book a day trip or journeys up to 30 days. Event tours or special interest tours will be set to meet your needs.

Mongolia is the country where you can find real nomads in the untouched land, where you feel the great silence between the boundless steppe, snow peaked mountains, siberian forest and central asian gobi desert.

I am welcoming you to join us and explore our wonderful and beautiful country. 

With the warmest of hearts from me and my professional team.

Founder and Travel expert


My skills, interests, and hobbies: Bird watching, flower seeing and hiking.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 8

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4 received reviews (100% positive, 4/4)

Missing Chantal

I booked a tour to Terelj National Park. Owner and Tourguide Chimeg picked me up. This warm as well as enterpreneural woman composed a varied two days program. During the trip she shared a lot of her knowlegde of history, culture and day to day life in Mongolia. Her open mind and amusing way of entertaining her clients makes her special, and perfectly made for the job. The organisation around the trip was perfect. In time, affordable and the great connection this organisation has with the locals in the countryside makes it real worth to travel with. My compliments!

Missing Petr

This travel agency provides genuinely perfect trips to central Mongolia famous locations such as Tereldz or Hustai Nuru national park. What I appreciated most, was their ability to organize hiking tours along the quite remote trails at my individual request. They also did their best to get me to the proper spot, where Przewalski's horses could have been observed and photographed. I simple recommend the agency to all travellers!

Missing Myo

We have known the guide/operator Chimeg for a couple of years. Her hard work, knowledge about the country and dedication make us always coming back to her.

This year's South Gobi tours were one of the most enjoyable and fun filled visits to Mongolia with her. (One advise: When going to Singing dunes on a windy day, put the camera in a zip-lock bag.)

Definitely we will come back again, and will visit Northern Mongolia with her!

She's the best, and highly recommended!

Missing David

We asked Chimeg to plan a long trip for us, from UB to the west taiga, then across the north of the country to Ulgii and back across further south, skimming the Gobi; nearly a month in all. She found us a great driver and off we went, by 4x4 and occasionally on horseback, tent camping, sometimes staying in ger camps, sometimes a hotel where there was one. We couldn't have dreamed of a better trip. Chimeg was always prepared, always a step ahead, thoughtful, and persistent. Whatever came up (and stuff does come up!) she was calm and capable. She loves her country and her calling and it shows in everything she does. And she's a good traveler and a fun companion. We were planning a return trip with her even before this one was over.

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Last seen 6 months ago