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Last seen 3 months ago

Country: United Kingdom

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan

About my trip: Soviet iconography. Lenin statues.

Travel month: October 2019

Number of days: 5

Number of persons: 1

Status: Booked

1 received review (100% positive, 1/1)


Chris is very motivated as a tourist. He knows in detailed way what he wants to see, but is also flexible enough for reasonable change.

I had a good time talking to Chris and adjusting even minor details. Chris sent me his photo early making our meeitng each other easier.

One more good episode, Chris was not afraid of experimenting with audio guiding. I was unable to come in person, so I've sent him all descriptions recorded as voice messages. It worked well.

I highly recommend Chris as a reliable person to deal with.

Have a good time everywhere, Chris!! :-)

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Last seen 3 months ago