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I am convinced that you will love Mongolia once you understand. It is that last country where the nature and human connection is very intense. We Mongols honor and protect our nature as our own children or parents.
Nomadic culture means living in harmony with nature.
Personally, I feel obliged to show this connection to others. That's why I organize traveling as authentic as possible for other people. You will not regret traveling with us and feeling with us.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I have very good experience in things like traveling and traveling to organize. I made my first trip to Greece (kos island) at the age of 16, since my passion for traveling has become. The older I got, the more I saw and understood, it became clear to me that my birthplace Mongolia had a lot to discover. Since then, I came back to Mongolia and do my best for other people to show what I saw and understood. I speak English and German fluently, have completed training as a travel assistant in Austria. I worked in Mongolia for many years as a tour guide and meanwhile as a travel organizer. You are in good hands.

Country: Mongolia

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Last seen 6 months ago