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I am just new member on Indy Guide. 

I take a very few tours in summer. I guide all my tours by myself with my reliable driver. We aim to provide quality and save stay in Mongolia.

Mongolia is a big country without boundaries. In this vast nation, to choose the best destination is difficult. Because of its remoteness and undeveloped infrastructure, some worth visiting places are still not known for tourist. We offer as much possibility of wild and untamed landscapes and cultural heritages in your limited time. 

I was grown up with a love of horses in countryside. I have been guiding throughout the expanded Mongolia from my early age. Trekking on camel in sand dunes and walked across the Gobi desert. Camping in wilderness of Taiga forest in Khuvsgul, visiting Reindeer herders in northern edge is my yearly route.

Leading a horse trek in mountains, cooking in middle of the nowhere in any weather condition is one of my touring highlight.   

My favourite place is being in a far flung mountains and remote desert. 

Welcome to the world without boundaries and share experience with the last nomads. 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I like reading a books. I try to spend much time with my lovely nieces. I love sports: hiking, trekking camel and horse. Biking in mountain. My motto is "sharing is caring" I try to share a good feelings, experience with people.

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 4

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Beautifully executed!! Ms. Degii was in constant communication with me before and during the one day tour. All communications were clear and costs were specifically itemized leaving no surprise charges. The driver was punctual and very pleasant. Between his limited English and my non existent Mongolian, we still managed to communicate and had quite a bit of fun climbing the side of Turtle Rock. The day was fun! I highly recommend Ms. Degii; the service she provided was very professional. Thumbs up!!

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