My name is Delgermaa. I am 30 years old. I was grown up in countryside, helping my grandparent’s animal husbandry. As a countryside child, I have been always curious about big city’s life. High buildings, fast metro, enormous library, paved path and night lights had been attracted my attention. After my endeavor to study in abroad, I went to the Czech Republic and studied Business Management.

During my temporary residence in Czech, I have travelled around Europe. When I return to Mongolia after 8 years, I travelled through Gobi desert, western and eastern provinces. Those tours really impressed me, it was very vast, pristine and remote regions I have never been to. Because, I grow up only in central green Hangai mountain range. I always wanted to contribute countryside people’s live. So, I decided to work in Mongolian Tourism sector.

I studied in guide course and read a lot of palaeontological, geographical, historical books and learnt to cook international food.  Now, I have been working as a guide for 2 years. I am eager to share my country's culture, landscapes and findings of human evolution history with you. Every tour, which I made is consisted of following qualities. 

  1. Financially effective   
  2. Timely effective
  3. Service, food, accommodation must be adequate for international standard
  4. There will be no overlap in landscapes, included in the itinerary
  5. Contributed to local nomads - visiting them
  6. Tour includes activities as horse riding, camel trek or hiking
  7. Tour must be safe 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I like reading books. Skiing and horse riding are my favourite sports. I cook well, I like to meet different people and travelling.

Country: Mongolia

Destination countries: Mongolia

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