Guiding isn't just a job, it is a way of my life. When I am not traveling around Mongolia, you can most likely find me from the vast steppe of the middle Gobi, herding camels or reading books in my cozy Ger (Yurt). Lucky that we have satellite phone internet, I am able to contact you anytime while I am drinking a coffee with camel milk.

                I guide all tours by myself with my reliable driver. We help you to  "build a Mongolian story"

Why explore the hospitality in the vast steppe with me?

  • I and driver choose the most friendly and quality camps and nomad families.
  • Our drivers have over 10 years experience. They drive without GPS through no road signed steppe, they drive less bumpy in the volcanic road.
  • I always learn from visitors, from the book, and from the tours. Your feedback contributes to Mongolian tourism improvement and your visit will support locals



My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am excited over sharing a place with first-time visitors, no matter how many times I have been there. Because every tour has a unique adventure, every tour builds different stories. I really proud of being nomadic and live in unique Mongolia even I have to struggle with -25 °C degrees sometimes. I like to read a book, play basketball and travel around the world as a nomad. :-)

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 5

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Degii and driver were wonderful and lovely people.

We took an 11 Days Reindeer Herders tour from Ulaanbaatar and they took good care of us and organised our trip very well.

Thank you!


Delgermaa provided absolutely everything I had hoped to experience on this challenging, inspiring, and satisfying trip to visit members of the Reindeer Herders and a most noble and wise shaman in the outermost regions of the Taiga. Whether one chooses one of her standard pre-planned tours,or requests a personalized tour, Delgermaa will provide exactly what is hoped for.



The tour Degii gave us was perfect. Everything was perfectly organized and she provided us with useful information about all the beautiful areas we went and three warm meals per day. She and our driver are very friendly, kind, open hearted people. It was so nice to spend these six days with them. I will never forget this tour in my whole life!

Thank you soooo much for everything :)

Nils about listing 6 Day Gobi Tour 8 months ago.

Beautifully executed!! Ms. Degii was in constant communication with me before and during the one day tour. All communications were clear and costs were specifically itemized leaving no surprise charges. The driver was punctual and very pleasant. Between his limited English and my non existent Mongolian, we still managed to communicate and had quite a bit of fun climbing the side of Turtle Rock. The day was fun! I highly recommend Ms. Degii; the service she provided was very professional. Thumbs up!!

Rudy about listing Day trip to Terelj 11 months ago.

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Mongolian Gobi desert has variety of landscapes and history
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