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Hi, I am Dildabek! I am individual tour guide based in Shymkent city, South Kazakhstan. 

As a guide I am working in Shymkent city, Turkestan city, Taraz city, Almaty city, Astana city, Aral Sea and in the National parks of South Kazakhstan. 

For the guests I use my individual car (Toyota sedan car with 4 passenger seats). 

I am proud of my homeland and its great history. I would like to give to the guests an in-depth knowledge of our national culture and its spirituality, ancient and recent. I would like to bring, not only the local point-of-view, but also give life to facts, legends and stories that have come down through the ages. 

believe that knowledge of history and love to nature help us to better understand ourselves and others. Therefore, I am always ready to welcome new guests!

Be my guest and visit with me:


South Kazakhstan

- Turkistan city and H. A. Yassawi world famous mausoleum

- Arystan Bab holy and pilgrimage place

- Otrar ghost settlement and archeological site

- Sauran medieval clay fortress in the steppe

- Sayram town and its ancient monuments

- Taraz city pearl of Silk Road and Aisha Bibi masterpiece

- Shymkent city old and modern

Almaty city

- Almaty city and its old and new history. Historycal center and main attractions

- Ancient Nomadic Barrows. Issyk and Boraldai Saki mounds

- Back to the USSR architecture and personal stories 


South Kazakhstan

- Aksu Zhabagly National Reserve - Aksu Canyon, Kishi Kaindy waterfall

- Sayram Ugam National Park - Sayram mountain lakes

- Kaskasu mountain valley and Kazakh mountain village

- Ak Meshit giant and mystical cave in the mountains

Almaty city

- Big Almaty Lake and surrounding views

- Medeo famous scating rink and Shymbulak ski resort

- Charyn Canyon and Valley of Castles

- Altyn Emel National Park. Singing Dune, Aktau and Katytau mountains 

- Legendary Kolsay and Kayndy mountain lakes

* Hiking and Adventure

South Kazakhstan

- Sayram Lower and Higher alpine lakes by path

- Kishi Kaindy and Ulken Kaindy in Aksu Zhabagly National Reserve

- Kazygurt sacred mountain and ritual ascent

- Horse back riding in the mountains

Almaty city

- Big Almaty Lake by path 

- Medeo valley and Shymbulak gorge by path

*Kazakh lifestyle and homestay. Yurts, horses, camels and eagles

South Kazakhstan 

- Kaskasu mountain village, homesaty with Kazakh family. No frills

- Horse back riding in Kazakh village and in the city. Testing mare's milk

- Eagle hunting. Visiting real Kazakh hunter in his house

- Staying in real Kazakh Yurt

- Workshop of crafting Kazakh musical instruments - Dombra and Kobyz

- Camel farm. Short and general visit. Testing camel milk

Almaty city

- Falcon/eagle nursery

- Special Kazakh musical instrument museum

- Workshop of crafting Kazakh musical instruments - Dombra and Kobyz

- Horse back riding in the mountains

*Petroglyphs. Prehistoric Rock Carving

South Kazakhstan

- Boraldai mountain stone age petroglyphs

- Arpa Ozen Karatau iron age peroglyphs

Almaty city

- Tamgaly petroglyphs within the archaeological landscape. UNESCO World heritage.

Welcome to our beautiful country - Kazakhstan!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: National history, culture and literature. Also I love Kazakh national verbal storytelling and folklore, especially folk traditions and customs. I also enjoy mountain hiking and truly love the mountains. I am actively hiking and leading my guests into the mountains of Trans-Ili and Talass Alatau of Western Tien Shan, combining it with my current job as a guide.

Country: Kazakhstan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 5

26 open listings

24 received reviews (96% positive, 23/24)


My tour with Dildabek was great! He was very well informed about the history and people of Shymkent and Kazakhstan and at the same time, he didn't only make the tour about history, but also about the issues Shymkent and Kazakh people are facing today. Definitely reccomend!


Dildabek was the best guide for me. During driving to the destination, he continuously explained to me about the heritage, history, and culture. He had a great knowledge about the destination, so I could understand well about them. I have never seen such a good guide with great passion for one's guest. No one would be disappointed if choosing Dildabek as a guide. Thank you, Dildabek.

Seokwon about listing 1 day trip to Turkestan 10 months ago.

I passed a great day with Dildabek, he told me the history of south Kazakistan, the nomadic culture and the importance of religion in the land that I visited. With him I discovered two beautiful religious complex: the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed in Turkistan and the mausoleum of Arystanbab, without his explanation I wouldn't have understood the true importance of the two monuments.

He was very helpful for solve a problem that I had in the continuation of my trip, then, at the end of the day he brought me directly to the Shymkent bus station where he showed me which bus I have to take.

I higly recomend Dildabek like a guide for the passion in his job and his great availability with the tourist.


Great stories and information about the country. Loved it.

Bram about listing Nauwelaers 1 years ago.

Before speaking about Dildabek as a guide, let's speak about him as a man.

Dildabek is a really nice person, he believes in his job, in his family, in his values and in all the main things of our life. During Dildabek's tours you feel he wants to transfer all these positive feelings in his explanations as a guide, trying to teach you the real meaning of what you are visiting.

I really recommend Dildabek because he is a good guide and because he was available for all my crazy requests... For example looking for a post office in Turkistan and try to send a postcard to Italy...ahahah a really unusual activity in Kazakhstan

Fabrizio about listing Ciraci Fabrizio 1 years ago.

The tour was perfect and went smoothly. Dildabek was very knowledgeable and he gave me plenty of information about the places we visited. He is also very helpful with everything and a good driver. I am happy that I choose Dildabek first thistle tour

Giorgos about listing Turkistan 1 years ago.

Dildabek is an excellent guide with a wealth of information and genuine love for his homeland. He speaks very good English and can answer any questions about Kazakhstan and the culture. The village homestay was a real highlight and completely authentic - it was literally like being shown around a friend's family home, and the kids were a delight. Highly recommend this off-the-beaten track experience! Thanks for catering to any impromptu requests and for all the interpreting!

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We highly recommend Dilabek as your guide. I asked him a lot of questions before confirming him as our guide and he replied us promptly and patiently every times. He is a reliable and flexible person. We had the problem in getting the registration in police station and needed to back and forth to police station many times to get it. However, he could brought us to look around different places and got the registration at the same time. He has a wealth of historical and cultural knowledge that you would not denied. We loved him to share his nomad heritage and thoughts. He likes a wise man. He let us have a lot of inspirations after this holiday. He now is the person we met who deserves us to respect.


I had a great time with Dildabek for three days. I contacted him several months in advance to plan my trip. He responded promptly and we had no problems with communications. I customized two of his tours together into a single tour over three days in the Turkestan region with archaeological sites.

Dildabek has a wealth of historical and cultural knowledge and shared his family experience as well as Kazakh culture and life in Soviet times. We stopped in several local restaurants for local Uzbek cuisine which I was familiar with prior to the this trip and eager to experience again.

Given how Central Asia has played a role in the ancestry of so many regions Dildabek helped question my own origins and ethnic ancestry which was not something I had expected just going on a 'holiday' which was made it more interesting.

He was a very good guide and I would be comfortable recommending him to experienced travelers with similar interests.


Great walking tour, with a mix of history, tradition, contemporary life and personal stories. I was very happy that Dildabek could meet with me at only one day’s notice.

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