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Autopilot, work experience - 20 years.

Organizes tours in Kazakhstan. Charyn Canyon, Lake Kulsai, Kaindy Lake, Turgen Waterfalls, Almaty Big Lake, Issyk Lake, Chembulak, Medeo Mountain Range and many other interesting places in Kazakhstan.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Hello, I can offer you the specified by you tour on a comfortable Mitsubishi car deli, the car is prepared for trips, all the necessary equipment is available, the services of the chef are mine as a gift.

Country: Kazakhstan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

Role: Registered Tour company

15 open listings

9 received reviews (67% positive, 6/9)


The 12 days on the road with Dmitriy through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan were the highlight of our family trip in Central Asia. Dmitriy takes perfectly care of his car (and of his guests!) and drives smoothly, very safely and professionally, even on the most difficult mountain roads. We particularly recommend him for any travel through the South East of Kazakhstan, a region that he knows like the back of his hand and where he seems to literally know everyone!

Beside staying in carefully selected guest houses, we camped on the shore of a lake with Dmitriy: don't bother to bring any material, he's got everything on the roof of his car, even sleeping bags or cooking stuff. By the way, ask him to cook for you his delicious plov, you won't regret it!

Dmitriy is also a great fan of Kyrgyzstan, don't hesitate to plan a trip over there with him!

Isabelle about listing 4WD car with driver 12 months ago.
20190810 123241

I am travelling alone und wanted to go on a daytrip from Almaty to Bishkek. Dmitriy gave me a good price, but I had a lot of troubles with him. He mostly answered my questions but sent different suggestions to make more money. So I cannot recommend him!

DMITRIY 12.07.:

… July 20 and 22, I'm free, so you can choose a date convenient for You.

JOHANN 12.07.:

… AFTER I GOT THIS INFO I CAN BOOK THE TRIP! It will be the 20th of July.

JOHANN 13.07.:

Dear Dmitriy! I booked the daytrip to Bishkek for 20.07.2017. Please send me an answer.

DMITRIY 13.07.:

Sorry, 20.07.2019

JOHANN 14.07.:

… What do you mean with "Sorry". Are you driving on 20.07. or not??? What is about 22.07.?

DMITRIY 15.07.:

Hi. Sorry for not writing. I am with tourists on tour and can’t go with you

,On June 22 I will take you to Bishkek, the tour will be led by People from Bishkek for a fee

DMITRIY 17.07.:

... we will go to Bishkek, you will be able to see the city center, we will have it for 2-3 hours.

DMITRIY 19.07.:

A car Honda Odyssey number 639 zez 05 will come for you in silver.

JOHANN 21.07.:

Are you driving? You wrote a car will come and not YOU will come.

DMITRIY 21.07.:

I have a fever, got sick and can’t go, Aydin will go

Aydin was a very good driver! On the Kyrgyz side, I waited about 1 1/2 hours for the him. Then I took a taxi to Bishkek, visited the city center and drove back to Almaty with a marschrutka. At the Kazakh border Aydin was waiting for me and I drove with him to Almaty.

This was my first Indy Guide-booking.

Johann about listing Daytrip to Bishkek and retourn 1 years ago.

Everything went smoothly, thanks a lot.

Petra about listing Petra 1 years ago.
20190528 075814

Good afternoon, we recently ordered a tour on your website, our guide was Dmitry, I would like to note that Dmitry is a very professional driver and an excellent guide. For a short time of our trip, we had a great time, saw a lot of interesting places, we were very pleased with the trip and the work of our guide Dmitry! Thank!

ELENA about listing Бронирование 1 years ago.

Очень понравился тур! А водитель ещё больше! Весёлый,общительный,очень вкусно готовит! Спасибо большое!

Olga about listing Каньон 1 years ago.

Perfect - everything was as previously agreed.

Dmitriy was on time, very nice and well maintained vehicle, equipped with gas grill, fridge and thermos, great picnic.

In addition, we stopped during the tour at several interesting points that we would not have found ourselves


Please beware!!! Dmitriy does not take responsibility like an agent. He only organises car and driver.Our driver Victor was great and we had a good time. Unfortunately, because we were not informed of certain conditions, we wasted a lot of time on our trip and out of the three places decided we could only visit two.We eventually only visited Kolsay lake 1 and Charyn Canyon.

Dmitriy did not inform us that we were required to carry our passports for the trip and we only had photocopies.We were stopped at the border and fined 6300 tenge per person, for no fault of ours as Dmitriy did not bother to inform us about the requirements of travelling to Kolsay Lake.The day before the trip at 9.30 pm we were trying to track down Dmitriy as there was no information from his side for the trip the next day.We wasted 2.5 hours with the border security and eventually after paying the fine, we left and due to shortage of time only managed 30 minutes at Kolsay Lake.After this we were taken for lunch which was organised at a local home.There Victor, our driver decided he wanted to buy butter and we were made to wait in the car for another 30 minutes till he got the butter packed for himself.As we reached the road to kaindy lake victor showed us two cars which were stuck there and said we could decide if we wanted to go further or turn back.having no knowledge of the area we decided to turn back but felt that it was only a way to dissuade us to go further as enough time had been wasted at the border and there was barely time to see it. we felt cheated as Dmitriy should have informed us that we were required to carry our passports.Dmitriy also has no knowledge of his terms with Indy guide.After the trip he kept insisting on full payment without considering the 10% advance already paid by us to Indy Guide.It was a task explaining anything to him.

Suggest to try somebody else as he is extremely unprofessional.


I booked a 4 day tour with Dmitriy and had a really great time. We saw a lot of places, even more than agreed to. He is a very good and cautious driver, excellent cook and knows a lot about the places to visit. Dmitriy is an easy going guy and gives his best to make your trip unforgettable. He took really good care of me and I can totally recommend his services. Thank you!

Julia about listing 4 days tours with Dimitry 2 years ago.

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