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I was born in Ulanbaatar, but I spent my summers in the countryside with my mother's family in a small village called Tess, in Ulangoom province, about 1500 km from the capital Ulanbaatar and close to the Russian border. Most of my relatives are nomadic herders, moving from place to place, where the grass is plenty. 

I studied at Krakow University, majored in Tourism Management 2014. Before my study I worked in small tour agency, I led several tours from 2008-2010

I have traveled much, specially backpacking. I also lived abroad for few years, in Delhi, Copenhagen, Krakow. Visited most of the European countries, and South East Asia.

I love my job because it is wonderful to be able to show the best places in Mongolia, and other aspects of this country to travelers and tourists.

I am very social, talkative and love meeting people from other countries. 

As your guide, I will create for you "tailor-made" tour including all the ideas you already have in mind of simply following my suggestions for our travel together.

I am looking forward to travel with you!! 


My skills, interests, and hobbies: Hi! I'm a full-time traveler myself, travelling mostly in Asia... I speak several languages, my first foreign language is Russian, and English, Danish, little bit Spanish & Hindu. My hobbies are /for real/ food, specially I like Thai and South Indian!!! I have other hobbies of course!! I'm a good singer (traditional long singing).

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 10

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Very happy with my tour with Dulguun. Accommodating with late changes to my itinerary. Easy to travel with.

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