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Hello, my name is Elchin and I am English/Russian/Turkish speaking guide with 16 years of experience as a freelance guide, who knows Azerbaijan inside out and have vast experience in arranging & guiding all type of tours in Azerbaijan.

I would be happy to assist you in your upcoming trip to Azerbaijan and apart from guide services can help with organising airport transfers; arranging accommodation in hotels / guesthouses / family houses in mountain areas; organise tasting national cuisine in places hardly any foreigner would know; finding local guides for walking and trekking in mountains; help with drafting/revising your itinerary and much more to make sure that your trip exceeds all your expectations. Azerbaijan is not a mainstream tourist destination, so every tourist coming here seeks something particular, something that, I hope, I can help you to find and experience.

Main features of my tours that can help you learn best about Azerbaijan:

Individual and only in small groups
Personally drafted programs in line with your interests
To visit hidden places off the beaten track
To show you Azerbaijan as no one else
Personal service & approach vs. conveyor tourism

Choose between novice guides with decent English but lack of understanding of what the travel is about or a guide with nearly 20 years of experience who is mad about his vocation. In the end you just have to ask yourself whether you want to have a travel to cherish in your memories or be part of conveyor tourism...

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Traveling, sport, picnic,reading books

Country: Azerbaijan

Trip Request for: Azerbaijan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 16

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Elchin is the best guide we have ever had! It all went so smoothly in terms of planning, tailoring on-the-go and keeping smiles on our faces all the time. What Elchin impressed us with the most, was his real love to his country, people, nature, cultural heritage and he was eager to make us feel that way, which he succeeded. He made little hearty surprises to the group and even when the traffic (due to F1 in Baku) slowed our progress, he thought it all out so that we missed nothing. What else would you expect from a man, who was known to (almost) all Azerbaijani :) Our only regret was that we had him as our guide for only 3 of our 6-days trip. Thank you once again, Elchin!

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