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Country: Germany

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About my trip: Hello, just see that you also offer trips to Pakistan. I would like to combine Pamir Highway and Karakorum Higway. Osh (Kyrgyzstan) -Tuchambe 7 -8 days with Wacham Corridor (Tachikistan) or upside down, as well as Islamabad- Hunza Fairytale Meadow tour 10-12 days. Can you offer me a group tour? Order Tadchikistan / Pakistan does not matter. With or without flight between the two countries? September 2018, solo traveler. Many Thanks Eric

Travel month: September 2018

Number of persons: 1

Status: Booked

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Dear Erich,

Thank you very much for your positive review.

Hope you had a wonderful time in the Pamirs.

Feel free to contact me

Best regards


Khudoguy about listing 3 Stans Tour, Dushanbe to Osh, 10 Days 5 months ago.

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