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Hello, dear friend! 

I'm Erkaiym. I was born in Kyrgyzstan and I'm a Kyrgyz girl. My roots are from Naryn and Issyk-Kul regions.

After graduating university in Bishkek (is a capital of Kyrgyzstan), where my specialty was an English teacher, first i had English classes for children and students. Further, when I had the experience in working with tourists, I really did like to be a tour guide. 

I can speak Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages fluently. It is very exciting when you become eyes, ears of guests to show all colorful life and nature of Kyrgyzstan. I would like to note that since I am a Kyrgyz girl whose parents are also Kyrgyz, I am able to tell you about Kyrgyz people from inside and to show the best places in Kyrgyzstan, as well.  I am proud of being a Kyrgyz and being born in Kyrgyzstan. So, when i tell about Kyrgyz people, i tell about our people proudly. As my friends say, I have a good sense of humor, so your tour will be not only interesting but also funny. My position is to be sincere, friendly and do any work with the bottom of my heart. I believe that if I do my work with the bottom of my heart, then my guest will feel it and he/she will be happy. So, if my guest is happy then I'm happy doubly! I work with my friends and corporate with friendly and nice Kyrgyz families.

Types of tours: individual tour, horseriding, culture tour, hunting tour, trekking, shopping tour, experience with nomad Kyrgyz family

Types of shows: Kök-Börü Kyrgyz National Game,  Eagle Hunting Show, Kyrgyz Carpet Making Show, Kyrgyz Yurt Building Show, Folklore Performance,  Kyrgyz Games Show such as Chasing a girl, Kyrgyz Wrestling, Kyrgyz Wrestling on horseback, Pick up coins and etc.


The price of all tours are not fixed, it can be changed for lower price depending on the number of people. 

Transportation for 1-3 people - 4x4 offroad vehicle
Transportation for passengers up to 5 - minivan
Transportation for passengers up to 10 - minibus

All transport have air-conditionsI'm happy to organise a vehicle for larger groups, as well. Please contact with me for tailor-made offer.




My skills, interests, and hobbies: Prticipated FIRST AID TRAINING organized by Indy Guide and Red Cross and Red Crescent in Kyrgyz Republic and certified successfully in February in 2019. I'm good at horse riding and trekking, telling traditions, customs of our Kyrgyz people. I also like to teach tourists Kyrgyz language and Kyrgyz dancing. I'm interested in psychology and reading books, especially, on self-development. Also, i like taking photos of nature, exploring new places in Kyrgyzstan, cycling, doing aerobics, making friends from all over the world.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Services in: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 3

11 open listings

23 received reviews (100% positive, 23/23)


Erkaiym really dealt well with a major setback we experienced and quickly planned an alternative course of action. She took a lot of really nice photos. Her brother/driver is also lovely and took us around Kyrgyztan very quickly. Thanks for the trip!

Adhvik about listing 2 Day Tour in Song Kol 1 month ago.
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Erkaiym was great and knowledgeable guide, reliable and honest.

We had a great time in Kyrgyzstan thanks to her and Menis the driver.

Laurent about listing Kyrgyzstan tour 2 months ago.

Our trip with Erkaiym was a real pleasure. We have been traveling with two kids (8 and 17). Everything was arranged as we agreed before arriving to Bishkek. Erkaiym is a nice person, full of energy, always ready to listen, answer the questions and help. She found a great places for us, where we spend a wonderful time surrounded by stunning Kyrgyz nature and hospitable people.

Before our trip she gave us a lot of tips how to prepare for yurt life, horse riding, weather and all other circumstances.

Rafał about listing 8 day _17.8-24.8 Rafał_Erkaiym 3 months ago.
Kol ukok od kate

We spent 5 amazing days on a tour of North eastern Kyrgyzstan with Erkayaim and Melis. The trip was unforgettable, Erkaiym is a great guide. She really cares for her customers and we wish to thank her for the great true experiences that we had with her. We Will never forget the people we encountered: Marat in Altyn Arashan and Jamal and her family in Song Kol Lake. Erkaiym did an Amazing job being not only a guide but a true interpreter of Kyrgys culture. And Melis Is a great driver too! ;)

Leonardo about listing Tour in Issyk-Kul and Naryn provinces 3 months ago.
Florencio Jr

5 star for Erkaym all the way!!

She possess the traits that we are looking for in a guide, very accommodating, she looks after your safety all the time, friendly, talented, petit yet strong, you will feel very comfortable with her right from the start, very considerate with needs or demand of her client. We are so glad we made the right choice, she showed us the beauty of Kyrgyztan, we wish her all the best. This is the travel that we dealt mostly of nature and its so beautiful. thanks to Erkaym and her driver Melis, we bring home very good memories of Kyrgyztan

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I had a wonderful trip arranged by Erkaiym. She was able to find a very cooperative driver cum guide to take us around Tar Su gorge and Song Kul Lake. The guesthouse at Tar Su gorge was a proper idyllic stay just at the lap of mountains. We also took a ice cold dip at Song Kul Lake. The food at the yurt in Song Kul Lake could be a bit better.

Shoaib about listing 2 DAY WINTER TOUR around Issyk-Kul lake 3 months ago.
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They were very honest and committed with us. The guide Maks was very responsible , patient and did everything were accorded. Erkaiym arranged every detail including tips to take transport from Bishkek to Karakol and also hotel options. We strongly recommend, they are professional guides.

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Erkaiym and Melis are the most perfect guide and driver to travel Kyrgyzstan with! Erkaiym provided a tailor-made 8-day tour for the both of us that brings us from Kyzyl-Oi village to Song-kul, horse-riding to Kol-Ukok and the Issyk-kul region. She is flexible and understood our needs well. The communication was clear, detailed and very prompt. Both of them are sincere, kind, helpful, friendly and have a great sense of humour. Melis is also a skillful and experienced driver and you will really need that in the mountainous terrains of Kyrgyzstan.

We can feel that they are enjoying their work a lot and it is like we are friends going on a road-trip together :) Erkaiym is really resourceful and accommodating and really know what you want. She is a great translator whenever we asked our host family questions and made us feel very comfortable. Thanks to the both of them, we get to enjoy this beautiful country in the best possible, non-touristy way and made so many wonderful memories! On the last day, they went all out to ensure that we are able to get back to Karakol safely. We couldn’t recommend Erkaiym highly enough and it was such a dream to tour with them and hope this is not the last :)

Mavis about listing 7 days with Erkaiym 5 months ago.
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Me and my husband did a 7 day tour with Erkayim and Melis, who was our nice driver. The communication was very good from the beginning, when I asked her for a special itinerary.

Erkayim is a great professional, proactive, friendly, trustworthy, helpful, with a very good knowlege in Kyrgyz´s culture and history. She is also flexible and could accomodate all our needs.

Thanks to her we did a perfect trip, as she suggested the best places, family yurt camps, mountain views and trekkings routes. She even helped me with my fear of heights and my vegetarian needs!

It is also important to say that the fact that she is a local and speak both Kyrgyz and Russian was also extremely important and helpful.

It was a dream trip and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

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Erkaiym was an excellent guide who was very flexible and friendly. We had to change our itinerary a few times due to schedule and weather change and she was gracious to help us find other alternatives. We had a great time seeing real cultural sites such as spending afternoon in country home with family to eat together and see how they make felt products and bread, visit sarahsi mosque, hiking, visit bazaar and watch her perform a traditional dance.

She also spoke English very well and was a great translator when we asked questions.

Would highly recommend her!

cathy about listing Cathy 6 months ago.
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