Hello, dear friend! 

I'm Erkaiym. I was born in Kyrgyzstan and I'm a Kyrgyz girl. My roots are from Naryn and Issyk-Kul regions.

After graduating university in Bishkek (is a capital of Kyrgyzstan), where my specialty was an English teacher, first i was teaching children and student English. Further, when i had an experience to work with tourists, I really did like to be a tour-guide. 

I can speak Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages fluently. It is very excited when you become eyes, ears of guests to show all colorful life and nature of Kyrgyzstan. I would like to note that since I am a Kyrgyz girl whose parents are also Kyrgyz, I am able to tell you about Kyrgyz people from inside and to show the best places in Kyrgyzstan, as well.  I am proud of being a Kyrgyz and being born in Kyrgyzstan. So, when i tell about Kyrgyz people, i tell about our people proudly. As my friends say, I have a good sense of humour, so your tour will be not only interesting, but also funny. My position is to be sincere, friendly and do any work with the bottom of my heart. I believe that if i do my work with the bottom of my heart, then my guest will feel it and he/she will be happy. So, if my guest is happy then I'm happy doubly! I work with my friends and corporate with friendly and nice Kyrgyz families.

Types of tours: individual tour, horseriding, culture tour, hunting tour, trekking, shopping tour, experience with nomad Kyrgyz family






My skills, interests, and hobbies: I'm good at horse riding and trekking. I'm good at telling traditions, customs of our Kyrgyz people. I also like to teach tourists Kyrgyz language and Kyrgyz dancing. I'm interested in psychology and reading books, especially, on self-development. Also, i like taking photos of nature, exploring new places in Kyrgyzstan, cycling, doing aerobics, making friends from all over the world.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Services in: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 2

12 open listings

9 received reviews (100% positive, 9/9)


Erkaiym was an absolute delight! I booked this tour at the last minute and Erkaiym set a great itinerary. Her knowledge of Bishkek was fantastic and we stopped at a lovely restaurant for lunch. In addition to the planned itinerary Erkaiym also included a visit to Osh Bazaar and dropped me back at my hotel. I really enjoyed chatting with Erkaiym and sharing stories about our countries. Terrific guide..thank you for such a wonderful day!

Jenni about listing Bishkek day tour 10 days ago.
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Erkayim arranged everything as she said she would. She was always answering me when I had questions on forehand and things went smoothly while I was there. We had fun talking and going to the Nomad Games. I would recommend the personal and lovely Erkayim to everyone. She'll make sure you can do and see the things you'd want to.

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Erkaiym is a very well organized, caring and edicated guide. I traveld alone and she was a funny and open-minded companion. I had the most amazing time with her and could exoerience the real Kyrgystan. Thanks to her, it is one of my best vacations ever!

Kerstin about listing Horse Ride 1 month ago.

Erkaiym was great, everything went very well and she was helpful in adapting the schedule, organizing last minute request and just being awesome. We really packed our 4 days trip and wanted to avoid the tourist traps and Erkaiym helped us doing that. In sung kool we were received by the lovliest couple uluk and ayzjamal and their cute son Ali. It was a truly great experience. Erkaiym is also quite the professional photographer she loves immortalizing the moment and she is very talented in taking great poses!

I would highly recommend Erkaiym to anyone visiting Kyrgyzstan! Rahmat Erkayim!

Mohamed about listing 3 days tour Bishkek ala-archa sun-kul 2 months ago.
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Erkaiym organized a wonderful two day tour for us to Son-Kol lake. She is very welcoming and energetic, and made sure we were having a fun time at every moment. She’s also a lovely and trustworthy person, so we really enjoyed spending time with her during the trip. Very lucky to have found her!

Thomas about listing Tour to Son Kol Lake 2 months ago.
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The tour with Erkaiym was one of the best experience I ever had! It was really a right choice to choose her as a guide for our 4 days tour. She was so caring from the beginning when I started to talk with her with emails. I was first worried my high altitude sickness I might have in a mountain so I asked about this matter. She thought as my side and answered all my questions very quickly with detailed information. She even created easy level plan for us.

During the tour, I was so happy because two of my dreams came true.

One was to ride a house with my own control! And the second was to see the sky with full of stars and Milky Way! When I was able to attain these goals, she looked more happy than I do! She is such a nice person to be with.

She was always with us with a lot of care during our tour. The last day of the tour, she always watched us riding hoses and made sure we were safe.

Also when we are heading back to Bishkek I become a bit sick from high mountain, she helped me which products I should buy at the supermarket checking ingredients of packages so I can become better soon.

She introduced us her family and it was a nice moment too. She has such a nice family and I like them all.

The last surprise was as we arrived at the airport, we received a phone call from her saying if everything ok chatching our flight! I felt so safe and comfortable with her during my stay in Kirgistan!

Over all, I am 120% happy with her service and I hope you will also experience really good time with her! I think she will never fail your expectations.

Asuka about listing 3 day horse riding in song kul 2 months ago.
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Erkaiym showed me a wonderful time during the trip. The place has splendid view of lake and snow mountains. It is a nice break to spend the time just to do some walking, reading, horseback riding and swimming: - ) The yuk owner family are very nice people, nothing but best wishes to them!

Davy about listing 2 OR 3 DAY TOUR IN SONG-KUL LAKE 3 months ago.

Erkaym was really friendly and professional. She could tell a lot about the kirgiz culture and about the highlights in this country. Furthermore, we made a lot of stops to make pictures, because the landscape on the way to song kol lake is really beautiful as well, and it was nice that we got the time to take it all in. The tour itself was really well arranged and we would love to come back to Kirgizstan and do more tours with Erkaym.

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Erkaiym sent a friend Aijamal to be my guide. Excellent English, great knowledge and a delightful person. Her insights into the social development of Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan were fascinating. I would highly recommend this service.

Steve about listing Day tour of Bishkek 4 months ago.

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