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Last seen 4 months ago

Country: Netherlands

Trip Request for: Mongolia

About my trip: 5 day tour of western Mongolia with either a tour or a private driver 6 day tour of central mongolia with either a tour or private driver We would like to experience the local culture and just have a good time! Preferably an English speaking guide.

Travel month: February 2020

Starting point (City): Ulaanbaatar

Number of days: 12

Number of persons: 2

Status: Booked

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Evy and Roderich were very kind easy to understand and contact to them. They really like the nature and nomadic people. During the travel we stayed in few nomadic family's house they were closer to each of them and play the traditional games with the kids.

I would like to see you guys again in western Mongolia.

Gulbanu about listing Western Mongolia 5 months ago.
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Last seen 4 months ago