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Salam! Menin atym Fabien! Hello ! My name is Fabien, and now, you already know how to say your name in Kyrgyz!

When I landed for the first time in Kyrgyzstan in 2014, I rapidly realized that this country would embrace me deeply and that I will not leave it early. The French NGO Médecins Sans Frontières sent me here as a logistician, my mission ended, and I decided to stay, fallen in love with the country, its people (especially with one person), its landscape, and its diversity.

I have been fond of Central Asian cultures and history since I studied Russian language, and now I am improving my knowledge every day since I am here permanently.

Kyrgyzstan isn’t a destination to tick on a travel destinations list, it is a place to feel, to enjoy, to embrace, a unique experience in a lifetime, an immersion in the nomadic lifestyle that you will grasp only after having drunk several bowls of kumis (fermented mare milk) under the yurt.

Let me accompany you on the Kyrgyz tracks to the undisclosed valleys of the Tien Shan, on the footsteps of the Silk Road caravans, to the highest mountain passes and the pristine glacial lakes.

While travelling with me, you will discover the rich history of Central Asia, on the crossroads of ancient civilizations, in an unexpected ethnical, cultural and religious diversity. Come with me on the tracks of nestorian christianism for the quest of the reliques of Saint Matthew.

Kyrgyzstan isn’t in your guidebooks and maps, it’s out there. So grab your bag, jump on the saddle and davai (let’s go, in Russian).

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