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Country: Italy

Trip Request for: Turkmenistan

About my trip: Young couple (38 and 41) expecting to visit Kirghizistan, Tajikistan. Uzbekistan Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan next summer.

Travel month: August 2018

Number of persons: 2

Status: Booked

2 received reviews (100% positive, 2/2)


Guests from Italy from Rome. Federico Kolomiyako and Vetrice Mantovani. They are very good guests, we started the tour from Bishkek to Dushanbe for 9 days for this 9-days for me for 9-hours, a very good and fun trip. Thank you Federico and Vetrice, I wish you good health and success in life and work.

Turat about listing Pamir Highway Tour-Driver 2 years ago.

Dear Federico,

We are really thankful to you for a trip review and we greatly appreciate it!

You are very intelligent, polite and the nicest person, I wish you all the very best! Always enjoy all your adventures and discoveries!

Thank you and regards,


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