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Last seen 1 years ago

Country: United Kingdom

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

About my trip: Hi, I run a hiking group in the UK and we are interested in visiting Tajikistan. I visited Kyrgyzstan last year and it was truly wonderful. I would like to organise a similar trip to Tajikistan with a mixture of hiking in the mountains, staying at homestays, sampling local delicacies, meeting local people, visiting cultural sights / cities and of course the Pamir Highway! This would be for the summer of 2020 but happy to be guided on best month. It will be for a group upto 16 people. Maybe even a multi-day hike on the trip.

Travel month: July 2020

Number of days: 14

Number of persons: 16

Status: Open

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Last seen 1 years ago