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Country: Latvia

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

About my trip: I am looking for transport services in Tajikistan

Travel month: August 2019

Number of persons: 14

Status: Booked

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Hi Gatis,

Hope you are in a good mood.

I know that during your last trip to Tajikistan I have done a lot of mistakes and even on the last day the driver asked for more money.

It was the unprofessionalism of my staff and I will do my best to prevent such a situation in the future.

Please accept my apologies again.

I am ready to provide you next tours in totally free base:

1. https://indy-guide.com/en/listings/4926-dushanbe-city-tour

2. https://indy-guide.com/en/listings/7025-day-trip-to-iskandarkul-lake

Hope you will accept our small gift.



Ardasher about listing Pamir Highway 1 years ago.

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