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I am very lucky - I do what I really love: meet new people from all over the world and sharing with them the best what my country has to offer such as astounded nature, finger-licking cuisine and, of course, people - the most valuable part of any trip. During my own travels (mostly US & Europe) I understood that the long-lasting memories are created not by sights you visited, but by personal connections you made. So, almost all of our clients we meet during the tours somehow become our friends - and that is my favourite part of the work. I live and work in Kazakhstan all my life and still get excited by new places, new stories and new routes I can show to travellers! So, I very much look forward to meeting and perhaps hosting you on a Tours adventure in the near future.

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They play in their own league. Right from the beginning the contact was very pleasant and the booking absolutely flawless. Marina from the office was always very helpful and could even help us out by providing the address of laundry service in Almaty prior to our trip.

The trip itself was simply perfect; You couldn`t imagine a better guide than Dima. Very friendly, savy and highly competent. I really appreciated all his stories about and perspective on life in Kazachstan - we had very interesting conversations.

He was totally customer focused and did everything he could to take care of us: from checking we always had enough water to resupplying late in the evening to picking herbs for tea on our excursions. He also made sure we get across the border to Kirgistan and didn`t leave before he was sure we made it to the other side.

It was simply an incredible trip at a reasonable price, compared to the service provided. I`d get back to Kazakhstan anytime - definitely again with them. Thanks for the great experience!

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A delightful visit. Olya was friendly and informative and spoke excellent English. We visited the Nur Mabarak University on the way to the lake and the falcon sanctuary on the way back.The lake was beautiful and we had a delicious picnic lunch. It was fascinating not only to hear about the city's water supply but also much more about the mountains and Almaty.


Gaukhar was exceptional! She was flexible and worked with us to make sure we did everything we wanted. We loved Big Almaty Lake and the box lunch picnic was fabulous - far exceeding my expectations. Gaukhar also gave us a wonderful dinner recommendation and in general just went above and beyond to ensure we had a wonderful and memorable experience. Highly, highly recommend.

Renee about listing Private Tour to Big Almaty Lake 8 months ago.

We had a fabulous time in Kazakhstan and much of the credit for this should go to Gaukhar who was a really excellent guide. Arrangements went smoothly and her local knowledge and English language skills first class. Would not hesitate to recommend her to other travellers

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We went to Big Almaty Lake in an abnormal cold and the guide rearranged the tour to make our trip the most enjoyable! They will listen to your need and do what the best they can do! (Talk with them before the trip so they can prepare what's the best for everyone!)

Not only taking us to the lake, which the view is stunning and peaceful, the guide is very passionate in showing everyone the Kazakh history and culture on the way. The guide made some warm up snacks, took us to try on some local cuisines and look at some local productions.

We knew Kazakh a lot more in just a day, and if we have time we definitely will meet them longer!

Thank you Gauhar!

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We contacted Gaukhar a few months ago to plan a trip over New Years Eve. We told them what we wanted to do and see and they recommended activities as well. They arranged everything from airport pickup through airport drop off. They were with us the entire time and helped with translation, navigating the cities, and gave a ton of information about the history of the country. They made us feel completely at home throughout our stay. We had a great time and we’d definitely book with them again!

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Gaukhar spent the day with our group of four in Almaty following a recommendation from another company in Almaty. One of a full day of highlights was a walk with sampling through the Green Market where we lunched on a deliciously fresh lagman. She showed us how to use a few forms of local transport and guided us through the picturesque Malaya Stanitsa neighborhood & numerous city sights.

Having Gaukhar show us around meant we got so much more from our time in Almaty, in terms of time, history and what life is like in Kazakhstan today.

I wish Gaukhar every success with her business and would definitely recommend her & support her again for more touring upon any future return to Kazakhstan.

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We booked a 5 day tour with Gaukhar to visit many of the natural wonders around Almaty: Altyn Emel NP, Charyn Canyon, Kolsai lakes and Käindy lake. The tour turned out great! Gaukhar did a tremendous job going the extra mile to meet us a day earlier in Almaty and walk us around the (really nice) town and had everything arranged, from a 4WD van with driver to packed lunches and good accomodation. All in all we saw all we wanted to see and then some, and it was more like traveling with a bunch of friends than an organized tour. The nature and unique, peculiar sites of south east Kazakhstan were amazing. Highly recommended!

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Best tour of Charyn Canyon and Kolsai lakes for people who want to discover Kazakhstan's incredible nature! Our guide Gaukhar was incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining. Would do another tour with them for sure!


Gaukhar is a very nice person, experienced and trustworthy and speaks English. We recommend having her as your guide!

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