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Kazakhstan - country with ancient history and untouched nature.

I invite you to take part in exciting outdoor trips around Kazakhstan,
explore different landscapes, non touristic places, follow wild and picturesque trails, 
breath fresh air and enjoy unity with mother nature!

Our team consists of professionals with more then 10-years experience.
We organize high-level adventure travels, expeditions and extreme tours:

  • Ski-tour/freeride/backcountry
  • Horseback tours
  • MTB adventure tours
  • Hiking/trekking
  • Water-rafting
  • Photo tours
  • Off-road expeditions
  • Air adventures
  • Other types of activities on request

This all and much more you will find in the list of our adventure programs!

Explore unexplored with us and we will make Kazakhstan closer to you!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I love nature and spending time in the mountains, doing different outdoor activities: freeride and backcountry skiing, MTB cycling, white-water rafting, horse-riding, trekking and slacklining. For being fit and able to spend time doing my favorite activities I visit gym three times a week and have crossfit training, it's a kind of dynamic meditation for me. I like listening to ethnic and electro music, dancing with closed eyes, reading truthful and cognitive books, watching philosophy and art house films and traveling around my country and sometimes abroad. Photography is my passion too, it's possibility to impress my feelings, my perception of this world and capture unrepeatable moments, and definitely there is something really magic in film photography. I like my job as a guide, I'm really passionate to share my experience with other people, let them learn something new about our country, it's ancient traditions and virgin nature, explore unexplored trails together, open new horizons and learn more about human's soul. I follow my dreams, love what I do, collect moments and enjoy every day of my life!

Country: Kazakhstan

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 10

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