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My name is Hogy. I am 30 years old. I am married. And I have 2 sons. I am working as a guide for more than 10 years in Mongolia. I have been traveling all around Mongolia. I know places and roads very well. And I am from Nomad famliy. I grew up on the horses. I arrange all kinds of trips all around Mongolia. I have thousands of Trip Ideas and Suggestions. So Welcome To Mongolia. And Contact With Me.

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My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am working as a guide for more than 10 years all in Mongolia. I arrange horses and camels trekking tours, car adventure trips, and hiking, trekking, walking and climbing tours and special interest tours all around Mongolia.

Country: Mongolia

Destination countries: Mongolia

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The tour went well, as we were able to cover all the planned sightseeing destinations despite the long drives between each destinations. I took up the all-inclusive tour package, and also stayed at Horol's guesthouse. As such, communications were kept smooth. We were taken care of and very well-fed throughout the trip. Overall, we are satisfied with Horol's professionalism.

Yixue about listing Tour to Gobi Desert, 6 Days 4 months ago.

Everything went alright. We were very happy with our short trip and would reccomend to other fellow travellers.

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