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My full name is Gulbanu. Everybody called me Banu. I was born in Mongolia in nomadic family and still living here with my family. I have been working as tour guide for 10 years. I was worked as an English language teacher before I start to guiding.

When I had been on vacation of my pregnancy and after had baby I need to stay at home to take care of my baby. In this moment I had time to think about me, my life and future. I thought that is not my life which I want just following everyday simple activities. It was good to know it in correct time. Once I grew up in nomadic family I close with the nature more then to go on one line.  Most good thing is my husband was assisted me as I wanted.  This choice is change my life, I am happy with my job and my life now.  I have two beautiful kids who are Aneli and Nany \his father gave as his name one of famous football players name\. He likes sports. I am glad that grew up in such a beautiful country with wild nature and traditions. I would like to share our country's tradition and culture with others.

I organize (winter) migration trips of nomadic families which shows the real nomadic life and excellent for a photography tour and adventurers. 

The western part of Mongolia is rich with the high Altay mountains with glaciers, Golden Eagles and horse riding. With choosing one of my tours you can create an important and unforgettable experience in your life. 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I like to travel. Traveling is makes me happy, free and peaceful. I can say travel changes my life 100% for working as a guide is helpful major to be close to society, different kind people and nature is superiority. During the trip sometimes I need to hike or work hart to fulfill the itinerary some people asked very common question that if I tired of course "No" because that is what I want to do, that is what I feel myself alive.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 10

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We had an amazing 5 day trip in Western Mongolia with Banu! We visited an eagle hunter family and went for a day of horseback riding and hunting with them. After, we went to visit another nomadic family in the Altai national park close to the glaciers, where we went hiking to the top of one of the mountains where we had the best views ever.

Banu is a great guide. The communication beforehand went very smooth and she responded quickly to all our questions and helped us to make the best itinerary to fit our interests and timespan.

During the trip she cooked us good meals three times a day and provided us with unlimited tea and cookies. She knows a lot about the country and culture and was happy to share all here knowledge with us.

We highly recommend Banu as a guide and would definitely book with her again if we ever visit Ulgii area again!

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We are a group of 15, and fortunately we had an experienced guide, Banu, with perfect English.

Banu has been spontaneous, knowledgeable, witty and most of all, hardworking.

During the eagle festival, she got us organised and provide us with information on the culture and rules of the games. She is well loved by the local Kazakh community, which allowed us to interact with them as much as we would want to. We had a complete experience.... from festival to staying with eagle hunters and riding with them. It’s an exotic and lifetime experience.

Altai was beautiful, wild, natural and almost untouched. Banu guided us through different nomadic herders, taught us their way of life in the Altai region. She organised picnic lunches amongst the most serene riverside, and one night bonfire dancing under the stars. The hiking pass the glacier towards Malcin was spectacular, and climbing up Malcin was exuberant. To end it, Banu prepared a sumptuous traditional nomadic meal, which we were curious, and she spontaneously obliged.

Thank you Banu for taking care of us and it was a truly memorable adventure.

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This late spring I have done a beautiful tour in Western Mongolia. My guide Banu has been an excellent guide, showing me the beautiful landscapes of Mongolia and introducing me to the though life of the nomadic people. We visited the Potain Glacier and we went to the feet of the Kaiten Hull mountain. We slept in tents and we had local meals. All this done very kindly. She speaks excellent English, and many other languages and local dialects. For this reason, she is loved very much by the local people. My travel has been very much appreciated also by my friends who came with me.

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I had a wonderful and magical experience visiting Western Mongolia with my guide, Banu. Banu was extremely knowledgeable, her English is perfect and she really tailored the trip for me. We did a lot of hiking in beautiful landscapes, went trekking in the Altai Mountains, went swimming in gorgeous lakes and waterfalls, stayed with Kazakh nomadic families for a very authentic experience, met a champion Eagle Hunter, went horse back riding in an enchanted forest and attended local festivals in villages. Banu went out of her way to make sure I had a fantastic experience and was super nice about everything. I never slept so well than during my Western Mongolia trip in the different gers in the middle of nature. Also, Banu's cooking was really amazing and she took into account that I liked eating healthy food and vegetables. Western Mongolia is a very special land and I highly recommend a trip with Banu!

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Banu proved to be an excellent guide for me to visit the Tsaatan reindeer people.

So many things made it a most memorable experience, riding into the beautiful West Taiga forest on horseback, spending several days with the very warm and friendly Tsaatan people, attending a healing ceremony with the shaman, Ganbat, and having a chance to ride one of their amazing reindeer.

We experienced beautiful countryside on the ride out to the Taiga Forest, staying with wonderful Darkhad nomad families in their gers (yurts), and eating the delicious meals cooked by Banu and her husband.

Banu speaks good English and was very attentive to my needs and comfort.

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