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I have a passion for traveling and love travel photography. I love meeting new people. I work as a nurse in NICU ( neonatal intensive care) 

Country: Canada

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

About my trip: Hi! We are looking for a driver/vehicle / guide for Fann mountains and Yagnob valley in Tajikistan. We do not want to camp but would prefer homestays/guesthouses as we do not have sleeping bags and tents. At the moment there is 2 of us but we are trying to find another so small chance that could change. I'm not sure of the best route to take for this itinerary so suggestions are very welcome. I also am not sure of the driving and hiking times. I'll pose questions in the itinerary for ease of answering. We can book our own accommodations for Dushanbe but will be looking for guesthouses and homestays for the other places, which would be 5 nights. Day 1- Pick us up from our accommodations. Drive through Anzob Pass or tunnel and drive to Iskanderkul lake. Hike to waterfall. Overnight at the lake ( drive time?) Day 2- drive to Noumetkan. ( how long drive time is this? ) Hike to Pskan through Yagrob gorge ( 3 hrs hike??) Overnight Pskan guesthouse Day 3- Hike back to Noumetkan? Drive to Marghib and overnight here? Perhaps somewhere closer to Vertical Alovaddin like Marguzor village or Rabot or Tafkon etc? Suggestions? Day 4- Drive to Vertical Alovaddin ( what would the drive time be? ) and hike to Alauddin lake and back again. ( how long would this hike take? ) Overnight where? Suggestions? Gusor? Day 5- Drive through Shing Valley and visit all 7 lakes/ Haftkul. Hike from lake 6 to 7 and overnight at Noffin village "Najmiddin" Day 6- Hike back. Drive to Panjakent and sightsee iif we have time to Sarazm and then continue to Uzbekistan border. End tour Again, we are open to suggestions to make the route easier and look forward to hearing back. Thank you!

Travel month: September 2019

Number of days: 6

Number of persons: 2

Status: Booked

2 received reviews (100% positive, 2/2)

Adilet, Guide&Driver with car

Hali is such a kind-hearted and awesome person to get to know! Thank you for travelling with me. I have enjoyed a lot and learned a lot about good photography. It has been a great pleasure to travel with you and your wonderful friends! I look forward to meet again some day:-) take care!

Adilet, Guide&Driver with car about listing Kyrgyzstan 9 months ago.

Everything was great. From the moment we started till the last second we enjoyed every moment of our travel together. I believe Sometimes I was enjoying more than my tourists.

Hali and her team are great tourist. Very easygoing, always positive and trustworthy persons.

Alishan about listing Azerbaijan tour 1 years ago.

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