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Я работаю гидом-переводчиком в местном туристическом агентстве в Туркменистане. Я специализируюсь на организации культурных, археологических, художественных, треккинговых, паломнических и туристических услуг для FIT, групповых и инсентивов. Мы предоставляем все туристические услуги. 

- размещение в гостинице;

- визовая поддержка;

- транспортные и внутренние рейсы;

- услуги гида и т. д.

Мы делаем все возможное, чтобы поддержать обслуживание клиентов. 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am interested in Spotrs and Tourism, Travelling along The Great Silk Road, visit Holy Places of Central Asia.

Country: Turkmenistan

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 10

7 open listings

3 received reviews (67% positive, 2/3)


The tour didn’t take place, because Turkmenistan consular department hasn’t issued visa as usual.

However, it’s not guide’s fault, this is common staff. Later I wasn’t able to get transit visa as well.

Aleksandr about listing Turkmenistan UNESCO tour 10 days ago.

We were two persons on the trip to uzbekistan, wishing to do the detour to the crater. Sent visa details on 3.06, have not received LOI, on expected arrival date (21.06) rejected for both persons


Overall I had a great experience with Hemrayeva and Lebapsiyahat and was very happy with my two-week tour. From the very beginning they were accommodating and flexible in helping me build a perfect tour....and they offer a good price for a solo traveller that made it affordable compared to many other companies whose quotes were out of reach.

There were a couple of hiccups towards the end - a misunderstanding on their part that meant two of the sights/activities I'd requested were not delivered and my request for a night in a yurt was not fulfilled. However they quickly refunded what I'd paid for the additional activities without issue, which to me is a very professional way of handling what could have been an awkward situation...and is why they'll be the company I recommend to others.

For English speakers - Hemrayeva doesn't really speak much English, so translation is done by one of the guides (who accompanied me). This does sometimes mean there can be a delay in communication in the planning phase if he is on tour in an area without internet reception (there are plenty of those). So don't panic. However, do get a full itinerary and go through it carefully to be sure everything you want is included and if you're not sure, ask, so things don't get missed as they did with me. [Note: Unless you have a VPN you can't access IndyGuide within Turkmenistan, so copy and save any information from here that you need, so you have it to hand once you arrive.]

Hemrayeva, Batyr and Yusup (the three I dealt with) were all very willing to do whatever they could to ensure I had a good trip. They were adaptable (when I got food poisoning and couldn't travel so had to reschedule some arrangements), and were still trying to find solutions when at the end they discovered the error that meant a key activity could not be fulfilled. I admire that. Most importantly they've been open to feedback and seem very keen to improve and provide a great experience in Turkmenistan. They're a local Turkmenistan company and I'd feel comfortable recommending them to friends.

Vicki about listing Amazing Turkmenistan Vicki Martin 2 months ago.

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