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Therefore, if you are looking for a local, reliable, certified and trustworthy company from Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan, we are more than happy to be at your disposal with most requirements you might have.

Please do not hesitate to contact us straight away, in case you need information about our company, the mysterious heartland of the Great Silk Road, or anything related.

And rest assured that you are getting the most relevant service that you can possibly get here from a Travel Company. And with very special rates.

Role: Registered Tour Company with local teams in other countries.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I have a lot of experience in Sports and Tourism. I like Travelling along The Great Silk Road, visit unique Places of Central Asia.

Country: Turkmenistan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, India

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 10

16 open listings

12 received reviews (92% positive, 11/12)


A perfect guide and a perfect organization.

They patiently wait for my border crossing, and immediately gave me all answers and assistance in the tour.

They have been able to change plans according to the short time I had.

A 100% customized tour so we’ll tailor made for me.

And a great human approach which is so important. Keep going!

Filippo about listing Turkmenistan 3nights 4 days 8 months ago.
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また是非利用したいと思います^ ^

Very good! One person participated It was cheap. There was a kind guide! I want to use it again!

ayumi about listing Turkmenistan tour 8 months ago.

I and my friend are very satisfied with this tour.They organized our tour based on our request and our program was so organized that we could enjoy Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in spite of our limited term holiday.

Our comment for every guide in each city is as follows.


We could talk with her frankly in Japanese, so enjoyed hanging around Tashkent with her. Our driver is also friendly and drive so safely.


Her explanation was very interesting and well organized, so we were able to feel the ancient atmosphere when we walked around the town with her. Her English is so clear to understand her explanation.


He gave hospitality to us and tried to entertain us, so we had an exciting experience not only in Darvasa but also the whole time in Turkmenistan.


She responded to our request properly and took care of us very well. (ex, lunch, reservation of ethnic dance show and Hamam) We enjoyed staying there with relaxing.


She explained us history and architecture of each site clearly and also took us a nice restaurant of lagman.

Fuko about listing Turukmenistan tour 9 months ago.

A very high quality guide with fluent English and a lot of knowledge on the history in Central Asia. Driver was also really good person.

Food was excellent. Comfortable sleep in every night.

Accurate time table during whole tours. But the duration in Yangi-kala seemed too short.

Any way, they provided me a quite high quality tour. One of the best guided tour I have had ever!!

Yuto about listing 3nights/4days Turkmenistan 9 months ago.

I cannot recommend highly enough Jahana Tours with Batyr and Yussup for trips to Turkmenistan. They are magnificent. Yussup is a guide who looks out for your interests as if you are part of his family. He works hard to ensure no harm befalls you AND that you see everything you want to see with few glitches. Batyr is the "producer." He makes certain all arrangements are in order. I worried I would not gain entry to Turkmenistan. Batyr handled obtaining letter of invitation well in advance. I had no trouble with Turkmenistan officials entering or exiting this country. This was because Batyr stayed on top of my travel needs. The tour itself was awesome, featuring the Crater of Hell fire and separately a visit to a crater of water. Batyr ensured I could see all that I wanted to see and remained flexible for contingencies. If I am ever trapped at a border unable to proceed, i would want Batyr with me as he would find a way to get me out of my predicament. His team back in Turkmenabat are highly professional and capable and support operations with 100% effort. If you are considering a trip to Turkmenistan, choose Jahana Tours and let Batyr manage your tour. He is most trustworthy and will not let you down or leave you stranded.

Patrick about listing Turkmenistan in 3 days 10 months ago.

Jahana set me up with a knowledgeable, friendly, and fluent English-speaking guide for a thoroughly excellent tour of all the museums, Mausoleums, madrassas, and mosques inside old Khiva fortress. Naza was expert in her guiding, making certain I knew significance of sites she was showing me. She made my Khiva visit an enlightening and enjoyable one. Johanna Tours made sure I had everything I needed to be happy with my trip.

Patrick about listing One day in Khiva 10 months ago.

Yusup and his driver were excellent hosts.

They helped us in everything they could and showed us wonderful places

Luis about listing Turkmenistan 10 months ago.
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SACHIKO about listing 3 days Turkmenistan 10 months ago.
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I had a tour to Konye-Urgench and the gas crater and it was enjoyable and good value for money. The team was eager to provide excellent service and to ensure that its customers have a great, tailor-made experience.

Throughout the month before the tour my guide Batyr communicated with me frequently to arrange for the LOI and to make sure that my requests were understood accurately. He was patient and responsive when answering my various questions. His suggestions were helpful and he was flexible in accommodating my changing plans. In general things went smoothly both before and during the tour.

Albert about listing Darvaza from/to Khiva 12 months ago.

The tour didn’t take place, because Turkmenistan consular department hasn’t issued visa as usual.

However, it’s not guide’s fault, this is common staff. Later I wasn’t able to get transit visa as well.

Aleksandr about listing Turkmenistan UNESCO tour 1 years ago.

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