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My name is Hogy. I am 32 years old. I am married. And I have 2 sons. I am working as a guide for more than 15 years in Mongolia. I have many friends who have experience as me. We have been traveling all around Mongolia. We know places and roads very well. And  we are all from Nomad famliy. We grew up on the horses. We arrange all kinds of trips all around Mongolia. We have thousands of Trip Ideas and Suggestions. So Welcome To Mongolia. And Contact With Us.

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Hogy and our team

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am working as a guide for more than 10 years all in Mongolia. And of course, I have many experience friends as well. We are working together, now as a team. We arrange horses and camels trekking tours, car adventure trips, and hiking, trekking, walking and climbing tours and special interest tours all around Mongolia.

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 10

20 open listings

21 received reviews (100% positive, 21/21)


Hogy was very helpful and made sure we get the best from our trip. The driver and the guides were friendly and knowledgeable. It was a great experience, and it went well because of Hogy and her team.


Had 2 tours, to Terelj National Park and other tour to Kharkhorin area. Distances are long, but there were stops enough and interesting things to see. Good service!


Hogy and friends exceeded our expectations during 3 weeks we spent touring, and staying at her guesthouse. Hogy arranged two custom tours for us, including the ice festival, dog and horse sledding, and horse and camel riding. We stayed with nomad families, and with yak, camel and sheep and goat herders, and attended a shaman ceremony. We enjoyed the interactions with the families we stayed with far more than with just a good driver. Our driver Lhagvaa got us from place to place on roads, tracks, and cross country, annd our guide Bayasa fed us much better than we expected from what we'd read about Mongolia. Thoroughly recommended for anyone who wants a truly memorable experience in gers with locals, eating, drinking, and learning more about each others' cultures.

Dennis about listing Dennis Priede 2 winter tours 3 months ago.
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The 5 days spent in the Gobi was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Our guide and driver couldn't have done more for us and they made the tour informative, comfortable and fun.

The food was great, they made sure our fire was always going and the van was always working (quite a challenge!) I hope to go back and see west Mongolia would definitely use the same team. I highly recommend this team to anyone planning a trip in Mongolia.

Suzanne about listing Tour with Hogy 4 months ago.
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Many thanks to Hogy and team for arranging my trip. It was an experience of a lifetime and will have a special place in my heart. Gerelee was my guide and Ankhaa was my driver. We stayed at a nomadic host family's ger and it was surreal to say the least. In the middle of vast grasslands with quiet winds blowing sporadically adds to the serenity and calmness of the area. The night sky in the steppes are nothing short of magical...you literally see the heavens with your naked eyes. Gerelee, Ankhaa and the host family were awesome and it was because of their companionship that the trip was extra special.


Our trip to Mongolia was a very enjoyable experience thanks to Hogy and her team. First, during our trip planning, Hogy provided all necessary information that helped us to prepare our trip. Our driver Ankha is a handsome young man, but mature enough to deal with all kinds of situations. Our guide Togosmaa was always ready to answer our questions and to walk with us to all places that we wanted to take a look. In addition, she cooks well with mix of meat and vegetables, which is not easy in steppe. We definitely recommend Hogy's team.

Li about listing Central Mongolia 8 days/7 nights 9 months ago.
Pek Foong

I connected with Hogy here, and researched further on TripAdvisor. The reviews were all good and gave me confidence to proceed without thinking twice. Everything went according to plan, with some unexpected extras – a cultural performance, snow in September and Sand Dunes Festival in Khongor.

We are extremely happy with the warmth and service extended by the team of Hogy, Lhagvaa and Eku during our 13-day trip. Communications with Hogy & Eku was easy, as they speak good English with hardly any local accent.

Hogy – Host & owner

From my first contact with Hogy, who is very accommodating and always courteous, the entire trip (itinerary, budget, etc) was finalised via email. We were met and picked up from the airport, and taken to the Guesthouse. On our 10-day central Mongolia & Gobi Desert tour, Hogy patiently answered our questions and what to expect at various spots.

Hogy single-handedly manages all the administrative part of our trip, as well as accommodation in UB, and prepared delicious breakfasts for us. Airport transfers, accommodation & breakfast is included when you sign up for a tour package! The guesthouse is in immaculate condition, with complimentary hot drinks and is nearby to restaurants, shop and State Dept store. Simply Perfect!

I totally agree with their vision for Gobi Attraction, to provide excellent service with a personal touch to ensure guests get the full Mongolian experience. GER stays with nomad families are preferred, and trips can be customised according to individual needs.

Lhagvaa – Driver

A first rate driver with a fantastic memory and GPS in his head. He unerringly navigated us safely covering 2,100km in 10 days. Much of Mongolia is vast open grasslands / steppe, with limited landmarks, no road names or directional signs. Many a time we went off-road, and followed track marks. I am still flummoxed as to how Lhagvaa knows which track to follow where there’s a spilt.

Lhagvaa is also very in-tune with his Russian van, able to ‘hear’ when something is not right, stopping immediately. Over the course of the trip, the trusty 'Bukhanka' (Russian: 'loaf of bread') had rear drivetrain mini-overhaul, 2x fanbelt changes, a leaf-spring band-aid fix, carburettor unclogging and a tyre change, with basically zero impact to the itinerary. Testament as much to the hardcore keep-it-simple&rugged Russian engineering as to the mechanical brilliance and ingenuity of our driver Lhagvaa Samdanbazar.

Lhagvaa is also blessed with sharp eyes with superb long range vision. At Khutsai National Park, though the area was blanketed in snow, he managed to spot Takhi wild horses high up on a distant cliff. His persistence and effort to deliver this once-in-a lifetime experience is most commendable. He was careful not to disappoint us, which is truly appreciated. After the first sighting, he continued looking out and were rewarded with a 2nd group at much closer range.

Eku - Guide

A young man with an ‘old soul’, Eku totally loves romantic oldies from the 50s & 60s, much to our surprise and delight. Well-versed beyond his age, he can converse over a wide range of topics, in addition to showing and sharing the history and culture of his beautiful country. He looked after us very well, cooking our breakfasts & dinners, entertaining us with interesting stories after dinner over drinks.

Eku is a responsible, conscientious guide who is committed to ensure our comfort at all times. While on the road trip, he would arrange for a stove in our GER on cold nights. Before turning in for the night, he makes sure there is enough firewood and pops in again the next morning to get the fire going, for a more comfortable temperature when we wake up. He has a great sense of humour, infinite patience and is a fun person to be with.

I totally recommend Gobi Attraction and would definitely go with them again!

Pek Foong about listing 10 day Central Mongolia / Gobi Desert 9 months ago.

After 4 1/2 days on a train, the 3 of us were met by Horol, our driver Amaraa and our cook/guide/translator Togosmaa, taken into the station for some food and COFFEE then to her own house for a religious experience, a SHOWER !!! Everything we arranged over the previous 2 months was exactly as promised including last minute changes by us that moved and extended our tour. Horol handled us with courtesy and sincerity. We gave her the parameters of what we wanted and she filled our time perfectly, it would have been impossible for us to have a better time. Huge kudos to our wonderful, experienced driver Amaraa and his well maintained Russian van and to our lovely, patient and talented guide Togosmaa who cooked up fabulous meals out in the Gobi and taught us about her homeland. What an experience! We struck gold when picking Horol and believe anyone else would be too.

Tom about listing Three Wonderful Independent Travelers 10 months ago.
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Hui Yee

On the last day of our trip, Horol met us at our hotel and requested that we give a good review. Well, I figured that a good review is an honest one.

I contacted a few tour guides here on Indy Guide and after some questions, we decided to go with Horol mainly because she was very responsive and her price was competitive. Together with my sister, mum and dad who are in their early sixties, we wanted to visit Mongolia and experience the nomadic lifestyle. We made it clear in our correspondence before arrival that we wanted Horol to bring us around for the whole 12-day tour to which she agreed.

Horol greeted us at the airport, and when we loaded our luggage and hopped onto the van, a young 22-year-old chap came on with us while Horol was still standing outside. When asked if she was going to join us, she curtly replied, “He’s your tour guide today. I’m busy today,” and promptly closed the van door.

Shortly after, we found out from the young chap that Horol contacted him through a platform to ask for a tour guide. He had to ask for an extended leave from his University professor in order to bring us around. To our shock, he didn’t even know who I was referring to when I said “Horol”. Apparently, he doesn’t know her name… I wouldn’t call this young guy a tour guide. He was merely an undergrad who can speak English and was in no way equipped to bring us around Mongolia. He made no initiative to tell us about Mongolia even when prompted many times, and couldn’t answer many of our questions. After all, we were visitors to this amazingly unique country and we were eager to learn more about it. This mismatch of what we agreed upon and the shock of finding out how the young tour guide assigned to accompany us hardly knew Horol was immensely disappointing, to say the least.

We returned to the city after the first day’s tour and met Horol again, and we expressed our disappointment at what happened. She didn’t tell us that she got the young guy to be our tour guide for the next 11 days until we confronted her. She claimed that her father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer at the last minute so she had no way to inform us of what happened. We were brought to a small rundown hotel that wasn’t the one we agreed on staying. Again, she claimed the original hotel was fully booked but for this, we just let it pass because you’ve gotta choose your battle.

We asked for another experienced tour guide to bring us to the countryside in the next 11 days. I had no peace thinking that an inexperienced, young English speaking undergrad who has lived all his life in the city should bring us and my parents out there. I highly doubt he’d be able to handle emergency situations if they do arise.

The good thing is that Horol didn’t disappear on us and got a friend who is an experienced tour guide. Horol seemed apologetic and did everything she could to rectify the situation - to our surprise actually. I wondered if she would have done the same if we didn’t express our unhappiness at the whole situation. We asked to meet the experienced tour guide she got us that very same night before we depart for the countryside, and Horol arranged for that.

This friend whose name is Padma did a great job as a tour guide. She cooked for us and was knowledgeable so she could answer our questions about the nomadic way of life and she also watched out for our safety especially when we were near the livestocks. The livestocks are generally very mild and tame but you don’t want to startle them. There were some small hiccups in the tour like we were brought to a nomadic home to stay for a night when our itinerary states that we should be staying in a tourist camp (where there is a shower). We pointed it out to Padma and she quickly solved the problem. Another thing is how we were told we could watch the wild horses in Khustai but there was simply not enough time to do that in a day unless we want to arrive at the camp at 12 midnight. We forgo watching the wild horses.

The whole tour wasn’t that bad, and we are glad Horol rectified the whole problem, but it definitely put a bad aftertaste in our mouths - like how you’d feel when you are misled by the one person who promised to be your good host in a foreign country you have absolutely no friends in.

In hindsight, would we have gone to Mongolia? Yes. Chosen the same guide? No.

Hui Yee about listing Tour - Peh Family 10 months ago.

Hogi organised the trip exactly how we wanted. Baysa, the guide, and Ganba, the driver took very good care of us. And you could tell that both of them are very experienced in what they do. Ganba was taking such good care of his car. He cleaned it every day and replaced parts when necessary. And Baysa cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for us and made sure we saw everything we wanted.

We would definately book with Hogi again.

Jennifer about listing Big Loop 10 months ago.

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Hogy and our team
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