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I am always ready to organize hiking, cultural or historical trips those wanting some adventure and learnings in Tajikistan.

I was born in 1993, in the country side. After my bachelors I did my masters degree in 2015 and at that year I applied for my PhD. l’m also doing my PhD in Linguistics.

After bachelor degree I started working for travel companies from 2015 at the same time I started my job in historical museum of Sughd Regoin as an English speaker guide. I worked with lots of different people that’s the reason which I really like my job.


My skills, interests, and hobbies: My skills, interests, and hobbies: I like learning more about history backgrounds. Playing musical instruments and singing. I’m a person who really interested about multiple cultures. trekking, offroad driving, horseback riding, traveling, culture, wildlife, nature, diving

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 5

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Everything was good, the car had problems

nissim about listing car rental 12 months ago.

From the moment we walked across the border from Uzbekistan and set foot on Tajikistan we knew we’d hit the lottery. The warm and reassuring smile with which he met us the moment we walked across the border never left throughout the few days we spent together driving across northern Tajikistan. At the start he said he would keep smiling as long as he felt we were having a good time. And sure we did.

Huseyn was always incredibly professional, spoke excellent English, knew everybody we met along the way, was always ready with some facts and stories about the places we visited or came across and we always felt safe and a little bit special having him as our guide.

It didn’t actually take us very long picking Huseyn as our guide. When we sketched an itinerary on Indy Guide he came back promptly with a plan that deviated very little from our ‘wish list’ but which added a lot in terms of content. He made sure we didn’t miss any of the best bits along the way and adapted the tour accordingly. His sincerity, good spirits, profesionalism and the reasonable price he asked for the tour gave us no doubt that he was the right man, which made the trip all the more special.

We knew we would be spending a lot time in a car, and again here he did not disappoint. He found us an amazing car and driver, Bobo, whit whom we practiced some Tajik words along the way in exchange for some English practice. He always drove very safely and his humour and kindness made him just as a good travelling companion as Huseyn.

Even though our ‘wish list’ was long, somehow Huseyn managed to fit everything in in the little time we had in Tajikistan (only 4 days) and we never felt rushed or tired. We started with a visit to the old settlement of Sarzam (Unesco world site) and old Panjakent for an introduction of the roots of Tajikistan – how many countries can claim a 5000-year old settlement? This was a great start to the trip, as later on, in the capital Dushanbe we visited the excellent museum of national antiquities where the treasures from these places are kept.

Dushanbe was a very pleasant, safe and interesting city, and like everywhere else in the country, we were always met with kindness and open arms by everyone we came across. I even took to the dancefloor at a popular local restaurant which puts on shows of traditional Tajik folk dance. This again was a suggestion from Huseyn which ended up as one of the highlights of our trip and great fun.

The views and landscapes of the Fann mountains, Iskanderkul lake and surrounding region were breath taking. We spend a night in a chalet by Iskanderkul lake, ate by the water and under the moonlight and the views, walks to the nearby waterfall and lakes more than compensated for the basic accommodation. We drove from Dushanbe towards Osh in Kyrgyzstan with stops at Istaravshan and Khujand in the Fergana Valley where Huseyn took us round to see both historical sites, markets and museums.

Back home once in a while we still find ourselves recollecting the time we spent in Tajikistan, listening to some of the folk songs we heard while there, and sure in the knowledge that in the near future we will be returning, this time around to do what we missed out on this time, plus the Pamir highway – but before we go we will make sure we have Huseyn to show us around!

Luis about listing 17-18 and 20-21 July - tour 1 years ago.
The stans jul2019 2049

The tour guide and driver were amazing. They were welcoming, friendly, and made me feel as if I was a part of there family. It is an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Paul about listing June 1 - June 8 1 years ago.

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