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My name is Ilyas. I have always been somebody who wanted to learn more about other people's cultures and backgrounds, so I decided a few years ago to help overseas travellers to enjoy our great land of Kazakhstan and all that it has to offer! I truly believe that travelling brings people together, mainly through the sharing of different experiences of each person. I am a very positive and creative person, and am enthusiastic in making sure that everyone who enters Kazakhstan leaves with a smile on their face and with a great impression of our land and people! I also love to travel overseas with my wife whenever I get the chance, but it gives me great joy when people from far away lands also want to visit my country; it is almost like I am travelling overseas in a sense!! :D 


My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am a passionate traveler, with a very broad knowledge of my home country of Kazakhstan, and I also love to travel overseas when the opportunity presents itself. In my spare time I enjoy learning more about the histories and cultures of different regions on earth, and I am also an avid fan of rock music! My favorite thing regarding my travels is meeting new people, especially learning about their different lifestyles, languages, cultural habits, and also just to see how similar we all are! As a born and bred Kazakh, I am an avid horse rider, but I also love to keep active and in shape by playing tennis, swimming, and also playing table tennis and going on bike rides.

Country: Kazakhstan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 10

6 open listings

4 received reviews (75% positive, 3/4)


Ilyas was very helpful by organizing everything. He was not in Aralsk himself, but he has lots of friends there. Had some doubts at first, but after all everything turned out well. He really knows the region and neighborhood and can recommend where to go and what to do.

Ivari about listing Aral Sea 2 years ago.
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If you were thinking of taking Ilyas tour, think twice. The tour is a scam. They spoiled my trip to Aral. I didn't get anything of what he promised. Ilyas put me in the hands of two local mafiosi (Ganym and Aibek) and they showed me no shipwrecks (main reason for coming here), no big saltplain (they showed me just a salt puddle from town), no mineral water geyser (they took me to drink water from a water plant), no camping at Kokaral Dam, no salt processing (they took me to a processing plan but we were not allowed to visit it, not even photograph the salt mounds), no English guide, no camel farm, etc etc.

On the 2nd day they had me waiting for 8 hours before taking me to watch the seabed from town. And for that I paid 75 dollar!!!!

I should have known. There were signs of what was going to happen. Ilyas offered the tour for 47 $ a day, and as soon as I contacted him he raised the price to 75$, just "to give me a better service" (a bad joke). When I complained, he offered to pay me back a fourth of the money (not enough as a compensation, anyway), but I am still waiting. He promised to meet me at Astana's airport, but he never turned up.

It looks he is as mafioso as the little mafiosi from Aral.


The tour was absolutely perfect. Everyone was helpfull and kind. Here or there occured some difficulties with languages, but it was fun to find the meaning and we did every time :) The food was delitious and the accomodation in yurt was also a very new experience of us on that beautiful place.

I recommend it to real travellers, who like to learn new things.

Thanks a lot.

Zsuzsa about listing Nomadic lifestyle in South Kazakhstan 3 years ago.

For Ilyas it was the first time he did this tour. Although he did his very best, we all sensed that during the trip. Before the trip we communicated a lot via messenger. That was very good. He came to pick us up at the train station, as was agreed. He had two volunteers to help him. Going to the mountains, as we asked for, was a beautiful experience. He cooked for us tasty local food. For the horse riding, there only was one horse, and no training, so not as we expected. Going to the honey farm, drinking kumiz was very haertwarming. Visiting local people together with him was the best part of the three days we spent. We also were invited by his family. His wife cooked a lovely meal. Talking to him was sometimes difficult, as he did not always understand what we were trying to say (in English). For sleeping in the yurt, there were only very thin mattresses, and no proper toilet. Better to inform people, so they can prepare, or disagree. Keep up the practice, focus on the people, and everything will get better. Thank you!

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