Indy Guide has the largest selection local guides, drivers, tour operators and hosts in underrated destinations such as Central Asia, Caucasus, Russia & Mongolia.

Indy Guide is the first peer-to-peer travel marketplace for this region and a cost-efficient alternative to conventional tour agencies. We connect travellers with 1000 local providers in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Pakistan, (Northern) India  and (Western) China. This makes Indy Guide the largest network of local personal guides, drivers, hosts and tour operators for this underrated part of the word (read the full story in

  • We help travellers by making the market of local tourism providers accessible and more transparent with fixed prices and ratings.
  • We help local tourism providers by promoting their services to a worldwide audience.

Indy Guide is an independent resource of travel information. We provide visa requirements for 193 nationalities, a Q&A section with local experts, a Travel Photo collection and an open Blog, where everyone can share their insights and experiences.

"We've met the majority of our local partners in person and we do trust them."

Why choose Indy Guide 

  • We are independent: We are not a tour operator. Indy Guide is a transparent marketplace where you can find trustworthy local providers.
  • We are transparent: Choose from a wide range of offers with fixed prices and honest feedbacks.
  • We support local tourism providers: Enjoy an authentic experience for a more reasonable price than foreign travel agencies.

How to book 

  • 1 Choose a listed offer or post your individual request
  • 2 Discuss the details with your local provider
  • 3 Pay a deposit of 10% online (by credit card/Stripe)
  • 4 Receive an email confirmation with the details