Indy Guide connects travellers with locals in Central Asia & Mongolia

Indy Guide is the largest community marketplace for local tour operators, guides, hosts and drivers in Central Asia & Mongolia.

It has never been so easy to travel to Central Asia & Mongolia! Indy Guide is the first peer-to-peer travel marketplace for this region and a cost-efficient alternative to conventional tour agencies. We connect travellers with local providers in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Travellers can now enjoy a truly authentic and localised experience in Central Asia & Mongolia as we provide access to almost 1,000 local providers in the region. This makes Indy Guide the largest network of personal expert guides, tours and homestays available. Our aim is to promote this area as travel destination and to support local tourism providers. 

Indy Guide is also a valuable resource of information. We provide visa requirements for 193 nationalities - with just one click. Indy Guide also provides a Q&A section with local experts, a Photo collection and an open Blog, where everyone can share their insights and experiences. 

"We've met the majority of our local partners in person and we do trust them."       
We are

  • independent: we don’t list offers ourselves. Indy Guide is a transparent marketplace where you can find trustworthy local providers.
  • transparent: you have access to a wide range of offers from which to compare (e.g. price and itinerary) and choose.
  • local: by listing local individual and independent guides, we are promoting tourism and improving their lives, which is vital to the countless communities in this part of the world.

Experience a unique and authentic adventure

From our regular travels to this region we have learned that travelling in Central Asia & Mongolia isn’t easy due to the lack of tourism infrastructure and language barriers.  

Do you need help finding guides with local knowledge, tours with experts, homestays in rural villages or generally getting off the beaten track? We help you find your perfect partner and get the most authentic and memorable experience possible.

We've had the chance to meet the majority of our providers and get to know them in person. Therefore we make sure that only reliable providers are listed on Indy Guide. We want to help the local people set foot in tourism. Therefore different categories of providers are listed on Indy Guide: from individuals without any English skills to well established and experienced tour operators. Either way what kind of provider you choose, they will do everything they can to make your trip a true experience. 

Behind the name

The name Indy Guide is a combination of the words 'Independent' and 'Guide'. Our camel icon is called "Nomad". He represents the trustworthy and loyal guide who always find its way no matter what harsh conditions he has to deal with. Indy Guide is a fantasy name. Although it is a combination of words, we were also inspired by the famous movies of Indiana Jones. Indy has always been an great explorer and big adventurer. The character of Indiana Jones is allegedly based on Roy Chapman Andrews. He was an American explorer and adventurer. He is known for leading expeditions through the Gobi Desert and Mongolia in the early 20th century and finding the first fossil dinosaur egg.  

We want our customers to get inspired by these adventures and to be as curious as Indy and Roy were. Feel the sense of adventure and go out there to explore new territories!