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Indy Guide is a social entrepreneurship project to promote Central Asia & Mongolia as travel destinations and to support the local tourism providers. We are your travel community and booking platform for Central Asia & Mongolia.

If you would like to join our community, we are more than happy to have you. Simply register and tell us what you offer and after a quick review, your listing will be posted, ready to take bookings! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

Membership and creating a listing is free. You’ll only pay a commission of 15% of the listed price when you confirm a reservation. You set the price and conditions for your offers. The customer pays a deposit of 15% of the listed price online and the remaining 85% of the listed price directly to you (usually in cash). 

Your benefits:
  • free registration and free membership
  • unlimited listings
  • new customers through marketing activities

We are looking for guides and providers who:
  • love to work with tourists from around the world.
  • try their best so customers can enjoy the trip.
  • intend to share their knowledge about their homeland.
  • like to improve their tourism skills.
  • are flexible and adaptable.
  • want to promote the beautiful region of Central Asia & Mongolia.

Two important rules:
  • Your listed price (incl. commission) on Indy Guide may not be higher than on any other public platform or website.
  • Please do not share any contact information (like phone no., E-Mail, URL, company name, or company logo) in listings, private messages, profile pages or profile pictures. Instead please use the built-in chat system. Once a booking is confirmed, the user will get the provider’s contact information.

Get more visibility:
  • List your first offer here
  • Create your open tours and events in your region here
  • Publish your own articles and share your knowledge and stories on Indy Guide' Blog here. Your article and your profile will be pushed to travellers and on social media.

We kindly ask you to respect the rules. Otherwise we will have to close your account after a warning.