Our Story

A blind spot for the world, but everything for us...

Alexandra & Ati Tosun of Indy Guide

We are a couple who share the love for traveling, especially through Central Asia, Caucasus and Mongolia.

The idea for INDY GUIDE was created during our travels in this region and out of passion. We fell instantly in love with the countries and the people. The nature is breathtaking, the wildlife is fascinating and the people are caring. Our goal is to show the beauty of this often forgotten part of the world and help travelers experience the heartwarming hospitality of the people here (read the full story in Forbes.com).

About the founders of INDY GUIDE


Ati is originally from Kazakhstan but grew up in Switzerland. Being the creative and strategic mind behind INDY GUIDE. He is full of energy and ideas.

He started his career with a master degree in  Finance & Business Administration from the University of Zurich and University of Tulsa. He worked for all of the major Swiss banks for more than 10 years in managing positions.

In 2015, he set foot on his homeland Kazakhstan for the first time ever, a very emotional experience for him. The beauty of the country was reason enough to launch INDY GUIDE.


Alexandra was born in Switzerland but is originally from Austria. She is the good soul of INDY GUIDE. Responsible for marketing and communication affairs, she is working mostly on longterm projects. She is also in charge of the charity projects in which INDY GUIDE is involved. The search for new partners in tourism and with government agencies are as well in her field.

With her bachelor degree in Marketing and Communication/Business Administration from the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts, she worked in PR and advertising. She was the deputy art director of the third biggest bank in Switzerland. She's gained experience in tourism and hospitality management while working at the Swiss ski resort Laax and for the FIFA World cup 2010 in South Africa.

The honeymoon trip to Central Asia was a new destination for her as well. She's travelled a lot all over the world but in Central Asia & Mongolia she has left a part of her heart.

Behind the name 'INDY GUIDE' 

The name INDY GUIDE is a combination of the words 'Independent' and 'Guide'. Our camel icon is called "Nomad". He represents the trustworthy and loyal guide who always find its way no matter what harsh conditions he has to deal with. INDY GUIDE is a fantasy name. Although it is a combination of words, we were also inspired by the famous movies of Indiana Jones. Indy has always been a great explorer and big adventurer. The character of Indiana Jones is allegedly based on Roy Chapman Andrews. He was an American explorer and adventurer. He is known for leading expeditions through the Gobi Desert and Mongolia in the early 20th century and finding the first fossil dinosaur egg.

We want our customers to get inspired by these adventures and to be as curious as Indy and Roy were. Feel the sense of adventure and go out there to explore new territories!

Alexandra Tosun at the Golden Eagle Festival, Mongolia

Alexandra participating at the Golden Eagle Festival 2015, Mongolia