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My goal is to show tourists rich culture, history, cuisine and creative potential of humble people of Uzbekistan.  Our team presents a real holiday, which will remain in the hearts of our guests for a long time. Mainly we offer active tours and also we organize mixed tours that combine active and cultural tours at reasonable prices. Therefore, we invite every person to use our services, as we will create an outstanding opportunity for you.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: hiking, camping,

Country: Uzbekistan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 11

11 open listings

11 received reviews (91% positive, 10/11)


Dear Inom,

thank you for two days trekking tour to the Chimgan Valley you arranged so quickly, for the great atmosphere during the trip and for the feeling that I was traveling with my friends.

Silence surrounded by mountains - that's what I wanted to experience.

I had really an excellent time.

Thank you for this!

Best wishes,


Rasa about listing Trekking tour in Chimgan valley 10 months ago.

Definitely the best trip I've ever had. Every moment was precious, some was the unexpected, thanks to Inom and his crews. Being a friend with them, I was comfortable during the whole journey.

HYEONSUNG about listing Uzbekistan Travel in August 2019 12 months ago.
Soo Boon

Inom is a great guide! Very caring, considerate, flexible and ensure you are well all the time. Feedbacks are taken very seriously and he is always trying to please and do his best.

We have great conversations along the trek and he is always open to share life in Uzbekistan, his views, his lovely family and his dream to climb Mt Everest!

Soo Boon about listing 2 Days Chimgan Trekking 1 years ago.
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I had a great time! Matluba and Salamat took care if me and ensured that my trip went smoothly.

Katie about listing Aral Sea - April 21, 22 1 years ago.

Inom was a great support to get this trip going. Whilst I am an easy going and experienced traveller, I like to do things that are not necessarily in the standard repertoire of tourist service providers. Inom has the quality to pick up on this and make it happen. I got the impression that he would be able to let you experience anything - if it exists in central Asia, he can organise your access to it.

During the actual trip, I was looking more for a local friend than a professional guide and Inom performed that role naturally and in an excellent way. The result was an unforgettable insight into a culture to which we are close through it's Russian/European heritage, but is exotic to a European through all its other Persian/Arabic/Far Eastern and Indian influences.

If you are willing to take the step out of your comfort zone and take a bath in Central Asia, and if you like to engage and be active and enjoy the outdoors, Inom is most definitely your man to be the fixer and local friend that matches your expectations.

Felix about listing Uzbekistan April 1 years ago.

Recently myself and my wife had a five day tour of marvellous Uzbikestan .

We had the pleasure of having Inom to be our tour guide.

He organised our LOI and electronic Uzbek visa, which was covinient and time saving.

The tour went smoothly .

He is a young gentleman with passion for what he does.

He is punctual and trustworthy .

He has good contacts in Turkmenistan .

He also managed to organise our Turkminestan tour .

Choice of food ,guest houses and places of visit was fantastic.

Being a tall man he can forget at times how fast he walks and in that case you may have trouble to keep pace with him.He would help and carry your bag pack for you.

We wish him all the best and highly recommend him.



We are a group of 3 people who did a 3-days trekking with Inom at the end of September. The trekking experience was great: landscapes were awesome, Inom adapted the route to our trekking experience and he also organised the accommodation (1night tents, 1 night in a house) and the transports for the trekking very well. Another good thing of the activity was that Inom offered a lot of flexibility, like vegetarian food for one of us.

We also want to add that Inom is an excellent companion for the trekking, as he is a very nice and kind guy and he knows a lot about the life in the mountains and he explained very interesting things to us related with wild animals and shepherding. His English level is excellent.

Apart from the trekking activity, Inom helped us to organise a one-night sleeping in a yurt camp with the necessary transportation. We had 2 drivers who took there and back with a confortable car who also showed us some very interesting places in the surroundings and took us to the airport to ask for our luggage.


Everything was perfect. Well organized, beautiful landscape and Inom is a very interesting and nice guy! We and good talks in an amazing environment: sleeping in the mountains, drinking spring water, seeing the eagles circle above you.

Just do it!

Thx Inom.

Tim about listing chimgan trekking 2 years ago.

The driver was punctual, helpful and knew the roads well.

Unfortunately the vehicle we travelled in had safety belts missing from the rear bench seats; the belt buckles themselves had been unbolted and removed. This may not bother locals, but seat belts save lives - especially when drivers are inclined to perform outrageous overtaking manoeuvres on the wrong side of the road etc. Due to this I cannot recommend booking drivers through this guide.

Alastair about listing Minivan: Samarkand to Tashkent 2 years ago.

Everything went smoothly and beyond my expectation. He was very cooperative with my other queries about Uzbekistan and flexible with the schedule.

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