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Irina and Indira are the owners of a young tour operator based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The company is operating for 2 years now and offers tailored journeys in Kazakhstan.

Both have a background in finance and marketing in the corporate field, so high service and attention to details come first. They are focused on unusual, out of the box experiences rather than standard tours.

You will discover unique landscapes, mountain chains, lakes, steppes and forests during tours carefully selected and organized by our team. Together with us you will visit the ancient towns and pass through the history of Great Steppe, from the tribes of nomads, Kazakh Khanate, the Soviet heritage to sovereign Kazakhstan.

You will participate in the master-classes of famous chefs of Kazakhstan and taste amazing and unique cuisine, that appeared due to the peaceful coexistence of nationalities and ethnic groups. You will feel the spirit of young and developing country observing the city life; you will visit museums, theatres, concerts, craft fairs and festivals.

Together with us, you will be able to participate in the master classes of Kazakh zergers (artisans). You will feel the warmth and generous hospitality of nomads, once you visit Kazakhstan you would like to stay here for as long as possible.

Tours can be organised year-round:

  • Scientific tourism (tour to Observatory, Baikonur cosmodrome)
  • Gastro-tourism (wine tours and cooking classes)
  • Agrotourism (wild apple orchards, tour “Aport” apple gardens )
  • Hiking
  • Adventure and jeep tours
  • Historical excursions
  • Ethnic tours
  • Photo safari
  • Authentic shopping and culture tours
  • Art tour with electro-scooters
  • Hotels, Resorts booking
  • Diving tours

Country: Kazakhstan

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Years of experience: 2

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Lai Yan

Irina and indira arranged a car and driver for a trip to Alzhir. The driver was excellent, he spoke good english and was very nice. Conversation with him was easy and he was keen to share information about Astana. The trip went really well.

Lai Yan about listing Car and driver to Alzhir 4 months ago.

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