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Kok-Sai gorge impresses with green hills and the quality and high mountains form the look. For thousand years eternal ice at the top of these mountains.
At the foot Teskey Ala-Too range jailoo is located,  where on can find rare medicinal herbs and observe wild nature of Kok-Sai.
Here yurt camp Jaichy is located,  where you can fully take rest from urban life and enjoy absolute silence. The view from the yurt door is marvelous and local scenery almost makes people cry.
The air itself is the best remedy for tiredness and stress.Clear and light,  cool an fresh,  it quiets and restores strength.
You can stay in a yurt or a homestay with Kyrgyz family, taste Kyrgyz national dishes. Hosts will offer you Kyrgyz national drinks «kymyz»,»saamal «, «jarma «. Horse riding, trekking and horseback tours can be arranged upon request.
Owner of the yurt camp, Baatyrbek can lead you to the unique and single «Shor-Kol «Lake(Satly Lake), which is located 20km from Kok-Sai.

We invite you to visit our yurt camp Jaichy and become unforgettable impressions of beautiful nature of Kok-Sai gorge.

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