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Hi. I am a professional driver from Tajikistan with more than 10 years of experience.

Growing up in Pamirs I know all the roads and almost all the potholes along the road.

My individual approach leaves my clients always satisfied with my service and I like showing my clients the true hospitality of mountainous people. Along the road, I am a fun loving person and usually make jokes to break the ice with my clients. Come to Tajikistan and let me show you this amazing land and spend time with fun..... Jamal


My skills, interests, and hobbies: I love cooking, and of course, my favorite meal is traditional Ploff, or as we call it here "Osh". I always teach my clients the basics of preparing a Tajiki ploff.

Country: Tajikistan

Services in: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 10

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Tajikistan guide with Landcruiser and a heart!

We were 2 Male friends from singapore making our way from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan entering Tajikistan via Dushanbe. He arranged an excellent accommodation on the first nite and very early in the morning took us all the way to Khorog because we missed one day due to visa timings.

We then went through various terrains and snow and he proved himself a safe and competent driver and able to explain the local lifestyles and customs of he villages we visited. He was most alert and flexible when he realized we had to chnage course and head to the chinese border when the oh to Kyrgyzstan we troll snowed out at the high altitude pass. I would recommend him to anyone!

Raymond about listing Raymond Pamir trip wih Jamal 1 month ago.
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Jamal was an excellent driver and guide and just the way the other testimonials described him. His English is great - and improving - he's a good sensible driver with the right car for some of the Tajik roads. He's curious about the world and is eager to impart knowledge of his own country. Plus he's a great dude who's very funny.

I am coming back to Tajikistan to see the parts I missed and will be engaging Jamal again.

Christopher about listing Tour through Tajik 2 months ago.

We had a great ride from Osh to Dushanbe with Jamol.He is a good driver, knowledgeable, reliable and flexible.He is also helpful and good company.His car being in top condition he could take us to some incredible remote spots that other drivers do not dare reach.

Thanks Jamol for the amazing journey!

Claude Robert

claude about listing claude robert 3 months ago.

We are really greatful that we found you! Our trip was more than perfect. Pamir Highway is amazing, but we are sure that 50% of that was thanks to Jamal. He was so helpful, he explained us a lot of things but above all, we was funny and kind so we have a great time with him. We highly recommend Jamal as a guide. Thnks for one of the best experiences in our life!


We had such a fantastic ten days in Tajikistan with Jamal as our guide, our companion and a great driver, with his decent vehicle. We are two (demanding) Asian women and he really made us feel very comfortable in his company, safe and that we were being well looked after. Even at times when things seemed difficult, he went out of his way to make it all possible for us. We had enormous amount of laughs and full of fond memories to take home with. Our most favourite spot was at Bulunkul lake , the little town was fascinating, as where we were most welcome at Nisso homestay, they made so much effort that we were comfortable, splendid tea, dinner, cozy bed and breakfast of a 5 stars treatment, plus a yak ride into the sunset. We will definitely be back to your memorable country. Thousand kisses to Tajikistan. Thank you very much.

saranya about listing Saranya Peamphibul 5 months ago.
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Jamal is, first and foremost, a kind, sincere and genuine guy who really seemed concerned about us having an enjoyable, safe and satisfying tour with him.

He is a safe driver and takes no unnecessary risks on Tajikistan's insanely inadequate roads. His car is sturdy and comfortable, and certainly a good model for those hours on dirt tracks. If you want to take photos you'll need to tell Jamal to stop, which he's happy to do, but don't expect photo opportunities to be suggested at every turn - the onus is on you, and he'll be happy to oblige.

Jamal's personal strengths lie in his relaxed conversational abilities, his desire to improve his (already very competent) English and his ability to know when to remain quiet during long drives...we appreciated that he wasn't the kind of guy who just needs to fill the silence and keep talking...after all, these stunning landscapes speak for themselves. In time, we hope he'll acquire more and more facts about those kinds of things tourists often ask (How many people live here? What's the highest elevation of the road today? What kind of place will we stay in tonight?), as he wasn't always forthcoming with this information - but this is a minor point and all except one of the home-stays he arranged for us were exceptionally good. The one in Jelondi hot-springs was not good, and in hindsight we should have asked to stay elsewhere when we arrived...a request we're quite sure Jamal would have accommodated, so don't be shy to make your feelings known, and he'll do his best to accommodate.

Overall, highly recommended!

Jason about listing Hot Springs of the Pamir Highway 6 months ago.

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