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Hi. I am a professional driver from Tajikistan with more than 10 years of experience.

Growing up in Pamirs I know all the roads and almost all the potholes along the road.

My individual approach leaves my clients always satisfied with my service and I like showing my clients the true hospitality of mountainous people. Along the road, I am a fun loving person and usually make jokes to break the ice with my clients. Come to Tajikistan and let me show you this amazing land and spend time with fun..... Jamal


My skills, interests, and hobbies: I love cooking, and of course, my favorite meal is traditional Ploff, or as we call it here "Osh". I always teach my clients the basics of preparing a Tajiki ploff.

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 10

3 open listings

16 received reviews (100% positive, 16/16)


I spent 10 days exploring Pamir and Wakhan Corridor under the lead of Jamal and my younger sister and a friend. Driving the Wakhan Corridor with Jamal feels like you're accompanied by the Robin Hood. He knows everyone and is always willing to help someone which leads to funny situations and shows you

Jurica about listing Osh - Dushanbe 1 month ago.
Missing Ana

My friends and I had the most amazing time travelling across Central Asia, but the part with Jamol was on a whole another level! Although I was a bit skeptical of the unknown (I’ve never travelled this far away from home), Jamol made fear disappear and managed to truly show all the true beauty of Tajikistan. I can’t imagine driving on these wild roads with someone I don’t feel safe with, but Jamol and his car do it just fine! Also, after travelling from Russia to Kazakhstan To Kyrgyzstan I learned that people don’t really speak English, I was surprised how well Jamol spoke the language which definitely helped us in making the experience even better, I can’t imagine how many funny situations and interesting information we wouldn’t understand, or couldn’t ask the locals stuff that interested us (it’s like having subtitles in real life).

He made sure we had fantastic time filled with laughter and sometimes did things on his own hand for us! After spending just a few days with him you really feel like you’ve known each other for years, a really pleasant experience and a guide to recommend. Not only did I come back home praising about the wonders of beautiful Tajikistan, but I also told my fellow traveller friends : exploring Tajikistan with Jamol is obligatory!


Я и мой друг путешествовали с Джамалом по Таджикистану 4 дня в октябре 2019г.

Проехали в общей сложности почти 2000 кв.м: Исфара, Худжанд, Искандеркуль, Гиссарская крепость, Душанбе, Хорог.

Джамал очень позитивный интеллигентный человек и аккуратный водитель. За разговорами о кухне, политике, стране, религии и жизни дорога пролетела незаметно.

У Джамала очень хорошая машина, на мягких сиденьях тряска почти не чувствуется. Джамал совершенно не бережет свой автомобиль на неровных таджикских дорогах.

Однако за все время он ни разу не рисковал и не создавал аварийных ситуаций.

Очень рекомендую Джамала как водителя-гида по Таджикистану.

Pavel about listing 23-26.10 8 months ago.

I was a solo female traveller and wanting to go to Tajikistan and also Afghanistan. After contacting 38 other people I decided on Jamal and I was not disappointed.

I told him exactly what I wanted to do and he created an itinerary to suit me.

Professional, accommodating and funny!

He made the trip that extra bit special by being personal and kind.

His knowledge of the area and incredible driving Oh the roads (which aren’t easy) made it easy and enjoyable.

Casie about listing Casie 9 months ago.
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Jamal is more a pilot than a driver and more a friend than a guide!

We had a wonderful time in Pamir with great conversations and lots of laughter. He was very flexible and spontaneous and always willing to take our wishes into account. For his clients Jamal fights wolves and and climbs to mountains, always assuring their safety!

It was a great pleasure to travel with Jamal and we highly recommend booking a tour with him!

Liliann about listing Wakhanellos mit Parmirsan 9 months ago.
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Very unique guide! You won’t be disappointed! ;)

Jalil about listing Pamir Highway Jalil 11 months ago.

Jamol is an enthusiastic and reliable guide. We were with him for 14 days and we had a really good time. He showed us a lot of wonderful things and added some places that were not planned on the itinerary just because he wanted to show us more of his country. He speaks many local languages and he is the Robin Hood of the Pamir, always trying to help fellow travellers. His car is very good, which is a must on Pamir roads. Jamol is more relax and funny then he appears on his video. You can have a better idea of him by watching some videos on the Wonton Don Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xbrkQFXJzU) . Highly recommended!

Julie about listing Julie and Eric - July 12th 2019 11 months ago.
Taj 2

Really great trip with Jamol from Dushanbe-Osh over 5 days. Excellent driver and experienced with the roads. His English is excellent and all of the home stays he chose for us were comfortable and extremely hospitable. He’s got a great sense of humor, and really by the end it just felt like we were 5 friends traveling through Tajikistan. I highly recommend choosing him, he even assisted us for 2 days in Dushanbe, figuring out our Permits/ showing us around a bit.

rolf about listing Palmir Highway June 8 - 13 1 years ago.
Chiu Kwan

We are a group of three guys from Hong Kong. As frequent travelers we have hired drivers in many places such as Peru, Bolivia, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia and so on. Jamol is definitely one of the best drivers so far. He speaks good English and knows a lot about the people, history and politics of Central Asia and even Eurasia. He is cheerful, helpful, reliable and funny throughout the trip. Can't ask for a better driver than Jamol.

If we do visit the Pamirs again, the only thing we want to change is the itinerary. Instead of staying overnight in Karakul, it is better to drive straight from Murghab to Osh. I believe there is no good accommodation between the two places, or else Jamol would have definitely arranged it for us. Moreover, for staying overnight in Murghab, make sure you reserve Pamir Hotel in advance which was full the night we arrived in Murghab. We didn't like the idea of going outdoor to the bathroom for a shower under freezing temperatures, which was the case for most ordinary homestays we had in the last few days in Pamirs. If this is not a problem for you, then ignore this. Accommodation would not be a problem for you throughout the area. Lol

After all, we would definitely recommend Jamol to our friends who are planning to visit the region.

Chiu Kwan about listing Pamir Highway Trip (May 5-10) 1 years ago.
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Jamol was an amazing guide and driver. He’s very friendly and funny and I enjoyed exploring Tajikistan with him.

Zach about listing Tajikistan Buzkashi Tour 1 years ago.
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