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Yes. You're right. I am not Mongolian. But I'm writing this on behalf of my Mongolian team and we invite you to read a little further. 

First up, we offer experiences not tours. We're a registered social enterprise and we have built up a network of rural families and communities that we work with and support and we put these people at the centre of each experience we offer.

Who are we?  I'm Jess but you wouldn't travel with me. Instead, you would travel with one of my female Mongolian trip assistants. A major part of our focus is offering a free training and development scheme for Mongolian women that want to work in tourism but that don't have the qualifications or experience to do so. We offer them that opportunity.

We're a registered Mongolian business and our very small size and our dedication to Mongolia is what makes us different. Although I am British, I founded a tourism social enterprise in Mongolia. We focus on community tourism as well as offering our free training and development scheme for Mongolian women. 100% of your payment remains in Mongolia and gets spread throughout the community regions we work in.

Rather than just chasing profits, we offer freedom and flexibility and bring a touch of individuality to our experiences. Our belief in promoting a more responsible and sustainable travel approach makes us different too - putting local people and their communities and environment at the centre of each itinerary. We make sure your Mongolia experience benefits everyone involved - leading to a more positive and personal style of holiday for you. We believe we have a responsibility to help combat problems including those created by tourism itself. I believe that our philosophy helps to create positive change in Mongolia.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society - awarded for the work that I do in Mongolia - working to promote the country but also looking at ways in which our guests can become more connected and responsible travellers. And it was awarded making a positive contribution to the country where we are focused. 

As a team we research, design and operate all aspects of the holidays we offer. We have built up relationships with Mongolian families we work with and we work independently and not through any agency or representative of another company. We are also a registered Mongolian company.   

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Mongolia. Mongolia. Mongolia.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 20

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The entire trip was truly great experience; everything went well and was incredibly interesting from the beginning to the end. I particularly liked that Jess and her team are working closely with local communities of herders in Western Mongolia. This allowed us not only very intimate and rather rare glimps into their daily private lives and business but also we had chance to interact ditectly with them. All this was managed by Jess and her team with great respect and without being too obtrusive. Somehow, Jess and her team

made us feel not like tourists but mere observers and occasional participants... Can gladly recommend and already looking to go back to Mongolia... uff, the country is soo big ;-))

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Jess & Team
Last seen 2 months ago