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My name is Jigden!

I grow up in Mongolia. It is my country and one of the most magical places on earth.

I have also spent a lot of time studying in Singapore and the United States and love meeting people from throughout the world and exchanging experiences. Please allow me to show you my wonderful country.

We have years of experience and been in operation for 10 years. Trips all over the country can be arranged to give you a diverse experience from the desert, to the highlands, lakes and more.

Our professional team will work with you to accommodate all you wish to see in Mongolia. 

Mongolia is an incredibly beautiful country with a special relationship with nature. Our culture is unique with a long history of being nomadic culture.

Are you ready to explore real nomadic culture? We will make your tour adventure memorable and unforgettable.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Tour guiding, cooking, horse riding, hiking, online marketing and love traveling

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 10

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We booked very last minute Jigden was already guiding another tour so he arranged Chuka to guide us during our 8D7N trip. Chuka was amazing as she made sure everything and we were very well taken care of in Central Mongolia, even our occasional excessive questions (LOL!) when we got too curious and excited about the breathtaking landscape, semi-dessert, waterfall, wild horses, meals (we miss her mutton / beef soup with rice), horse ride to see the yak festival. We couldn't be more grateful as Chuka and the driver really gave thought to our itinerary. Without them, we would have driven 6+hr to see the Ogii lake and got massively disappointed not realizing it wasn't at its best. So we decided to drive back to where we stayed on the first night and had an amazing time with the family, who produced the BEST cheese we've had that went perfectly well with plain bread. We loved the cute pair of handmade ear rings made of wool we were gifted! What 's amazing is that Chuka's English is good enough that we could talk about anything from Mongolian culture and politics to issues on a more personal level. One week was too short and I'd absolutely love to take on an adventurous tour to Northern Mongolia to see reindeer with her next time!

Our Mongolian driver didn't speak much English but we can tell he's a definitely a humorous, and kind person from the yogurt ice lollies and the beautiful bracelets with stones he gifted us, which brought tears to our eyes, even though we probably had been a pain in the neck as it was us who made him drive so many hours every day! We felt sorry about that.

As mentioned before, Jidgen was touring another group during our visit but we're fortunate to meet him on the last day in UB. We met this charming fella at a restaurant and he drove us to the best spot in UB- the supermarket! Trust me when you're touring Mongolia, you'd better maximize your time away town cos that's the REAL Mongolia. Technically speaking we booked 7 days only but the morning (the 8th day!) we left for home, Jigden himself met us at our hotel at 5am, drove us to the airport and saw us off there. Chuka couldn't be kinder to suggest seeing us off too. We wish we had more time with him and his team. Before I forget, Jigden speaks perfect English (you can read from his profile) so communication would be the last thing to worry about. Just worry about how little time you'll probably spend in Mongolia to have a real taste of its beauty.


p.s. Jigden promised 2-3 times of shower before the trip, a promise he kept just fine. We were the happiest people on earth when we had hot shower for the first time in 4 days. Cherish water people. Water is scarce and a very precious resource in the world.

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Everything went smoothly and well with Jigden our guide and Sambor our driver. We had the privilege to be only two for this hiking and touristic tour. We loved the nights in yourtes, the nice food and the friendliness of everyone! We recommend jigden for any tour you want to do!!

Armelle about listing Hiking tour in the centre of Mongolia 11 months ago.
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We had such an amazing time on this tour!

Jigden was great about communicating and answering our questions prior to our arrival and during the trip. He was able to customize our tour according to the sites we wanted to visit. He asked beforehand about our meal and lodging preferences. And he was right on time picking us up at the airport and at our hotel the day of the tour.

As far as the tour itself, it was clear us having a great experience was his top priority. We had Jigden as our guide and also a driver for our van. Jigden speaks good English and was easy to communicate with. He was really good about giving us options and asking what we'd prefer to do during the trip. He's clearly an experienced guide - he knew the best places to stop for photos, for example. He cooked several delicious Mongolian dishes for us, and helped us talk to the nomadic families we stayed with. Jigden was able to give a lot of background about what we saw because of his experiences growing up in a nomadic family. We saw so many herds of different animals and surprising variety of landscapes. In addition to the horse- and camel-riding on the tour, we got to see the annual sheep shearing at one ranch.

I had no idea Mongolia was going to be so incredible and fun, and I'm so glad we had Jigden as our guide. I felt like I really got to experience a bit of Mongolian life. I'd definitely recommend him!

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Jigden and His Team
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