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Country: Australia

Trip Request for: Azerbaijan

About my trip: I am travelling to Azerbaijan in June next year. I will have a few days in Baku ( 21st- 24th) but then would like a quote on the following please. Quote for Day Trip transport to Oobustan and the Mud volcanoes. Secondly- Quote for the following 24th June- To Quba and Laza with sights on the way then staying in Quba 25th- Quba to Saeki with sights on the way 26th ( which I know is a public holiday)- Transport to Tbilisi in Georgia or otherwise to Balakan or Zaqatala where we could organize transport to Tbilisi. Is this possible and if so- what would be the prices? I would also be interested in ideas for Armenia for the week after this.

Travel month: June 2020

Number of days: 3

Number of persons: 2

Status: Booked

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Last seen 6 hours ago