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Tour Guide and Horse Rider in Kyrgyzstan.

Hello! My name is Joomart.

I was born in Kochkor (Naryn Province) and live in Bishkek!

Kyrgyzstan is famous in Tourism Industry with horseback-riding and trekking tours in Central Asia.

The place where I was born smells like new growing grass in a Jailoo (pasture) and fermented "kymyz" (horse milk) in a Yurt. I like to read the books of Kyrgyzstan's history and share with my guests. The country has deep history, historical destinations and museums. Awesome nature, longdown from the rock waterfalls and amazing mountain lakes just advertise Kyrgyzstan. Tradition of nomads/shepherds and mentality interest foreigners.

I'm your professional, reliable, deep English Speaking Tour Guide for horseback-riding and trekking tours with full of idea. I work in Tourism Industry since 2013 to now with 7 years experience. 

In Domestic Tourism, friendly, attentive, tidy and I love my job!

I would be glad to help, make an unforgettable tour, putting all my experience and all my care for my guests.

I safely guide you for horseback-riding and trekking tours for 1-20 people in many destinations of Kyrgyzstan and South Kazakhstan.

I have own horses in Song-Kol lake and Kol-Ukok lake. I can rent them for a day/an hour for sure!

In 2014, I was certified and past with " Learn Business and Planning in Tourism Sphere" for successfully.

In 2015, I got "English language/Excellent level Certification" by High School.

Exercise excellence in service.

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan dear guests!

Kyrgyzstan will be remembered for you by the bright and distinctive, hospitable culture of the nomads.

Our trips to Kyrgyzstan in these places and others:

- Song Kol lake: 2,3,4,5 days horseback-riding/trekking tours. Authentic Yurt Experience.

- Kol-Ukok lake: 2,3 days horseback-riding/trekking tours.

- Kochkor: Horseback-riding for a day/an hour, Kok-Boru, Shyrdak Show, Felt Show, Souvenirs, Stay in a guest house.

- Ala-Archa National Park: Quick 1 day trip from Bishkek/Manas International Airport.

- Alamedin Gorge: 1,2 days horseback-riding and trekking tours from Bishkek.

 - Chon Kemin Valley: 3,4,5,6,7,8 days horseback-riding/trekking tours. Authentic Yurt Experience. Cultural Trip.

- Kol-Tor lake in Chuy region, Kyrgyzstan: 1,2,3 days horseback-riding/trekking tours from Bishkek. Cultural Trip.

- Bishkek Cityside Tour: Walking around historical places, museums, monuments and visit bazaars such as; Osh Bazaar, Alamedin Bazaar and Dordoi etc.

- Kegety Gorge: 1,2 days horseback-riding/ trekking from Bishkek.

- Skazka Canyons (Fairy Tale): 1,2 days horseback-riding/trekking. Car Trip. Cultural Trip.

- Issyk-Kul lake: 4,5,6 days Car Trip. Cultural Trip. Guiding with Driver.

- Salty lake: 1 day quick Car Trip. Cultural Trip. Guiding with Driver.

- Ala-Kul lake: 3,4,5 days horseback-riding/trekking from Karakol. Hiking. Hot Springs. Glacier.

- Jety-oguz valley: 1 day Car Trip.

- Bokonbaevo: Eagle hunting show, Stay in a guest house.

- Cholpon-Ata: Beach Activities, Swimming, Stay in a guest house.

- Kel-Suu lake: 2,3,4,5 days horseback-riding/trekking/Car Trip. Your highlight off-road adventure in Central Asia.

- Arslanbob: 1,2 days horseback-riding/trekking from Osh/Jalal-Abad/Bishkek. Cultural Trip. Car Trip. Visit to get high|low waterfalls and to participate dancing with Uzbek people. To see and collect "Greece Walnuts".

- Osh Cityside Tour: Historical destinations, Sulaiman-Too Mountain Museum, Visit "Kara-Suu Bazaar" , Stay in a guest house/hotel.

- Organization of a tent camp in the wild nature.

- Yurt Installation.

- Demonstration of "Kok-Boru".


I speak the following languages: English, Russian, Turkish, a bit of French, Kyrgyz.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Actually, I like to learn languages by myself and read interesting novels in free time. Also fan and good player football,love to talking about football matches with person,who expert and always watches the football matches without missing I interest to discover and find new ideas in tourism industry. Organise trips and explain tour details is my job! For more questions I'm always available! ✌️

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 7

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Had a wonderful day tour with Joomart to the Alamedin Gorge. Joomart was a really fun guy to be around and a very knowledgable tour guide. Even though it was foggy, we had a great time in the mountains not only because Joomart brought a really nice and tasty picnic! Would recommend his tour to anyone who wants to experience the country with a local who can tell you a lot of interesting facts!

Taiwei Vivian

Joomart was great at organizing our trip! Normally he does 3 day horseback treks to Song Kul but because we were on a tight schedule, he organized a 2 day trek for us with an English guide. And Joomart was extremely helpful in answering all of our transportation questions to and out of Kochkor so that we had a smooth trip throughout the rest of Kyrgyzstan.

Taiwei Vivian about listing 2 days horseback to Song Kul 12 months ago.

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