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My name is Kach Howe, publisher of Two Monkeys Travel Group, MrandMrsHowe Sailing Blog, and a writer for HuffingtonPost. Together with my husband, we have had previous media features in major publications like DailyMail UK, NYTimes, Forbes.com, Yahoo Travel, TIME.com and Business Insider (links to the article features) as we've already traveled to 121 countries in all the 7 continents.

Also, our website was ranked as the #4 Travel Blog in the World according to The Expeditioner's Top 50 List based on visitor traffic and a top UK Travel Blog this 2018 according to Vuelio. We're also LEVEL 6 Contributor on - https:// trpadvisor.com/members/TwoMonkeysTravel

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  • insgram.com/2monkeysSailing
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I'm proposing for an exchange deal for an influencer campaign for 4 to 5 nights hotel or homestay + cool activities/ tours.

Below are the proposed deliverables in exchange for hosting us:

  • 1 Full Article Review and Mention on our Destination Guide per country + Mention on all articles for the country
  • 5 twtter posts - Daily
  • 1 instgram Post - Daily
  • 1 fcebook LIVE VIDEO during the stay
  • 1 fcebook Post - Daily
  • instgram Stories - Daily
  • Stock Free Photos from the Trip

More about us if you want to see results and I can send our Google Analytics for the last 3 months if necessary:

Brands We've Worked With / Campaign Results -  https://twomonkeystravelgroup.com/work-with-us/

Some Campaigns that we run including our 16 day press trip to Antarctica - https:// dropbox.com/sh/s34wnqggucz8mxp/AADhHU4xU_L9p5VgbckiwReKa?dl=0


Country: United Kingdom

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Pakistan, China

About my trip: I’ve traveled to 121 countries already and I’m traveling to all of the Central Asian countries this March- April 2019. Looking for a tour provider that could help me with invitation letters and few days of tour and hotel accommodation / homestay. I still carry a Philippines Passport. I’m a travel writer/travel blogger at twomonkeystravelgroup.com and mrandmrshowe.com while I also write for different magazines. If there’s any agency keen on doing a FAM trip/ press trip/ exchange deal/ Promotional Free Trip in exchange for promotions on the website, magazine and social media, please reach out (we have more than 600K followers on social media). I can promote and mention your website in my travel guide articles plus I can give you professional photos that you can use to advertise your services and tour. I also have readers who are looking for tour operators for group tours and I’m thinking of leading a group there in the near future. I will be traveling on my own and will arrange all the flight tickets if needed or can cross the border by land from June 11 to August 12.

Travel month: June 2019

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